Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do You Believe In Miracles?...I Do..... Let's Join Together In Jesus Name and In Covenant Agreement For The Miracle Of This Prayer To Be Performed......deno....please share freely

Please Share Freely.....

Acts 4:16-17)...and the opposition to Christ Jesus said, "What shall we do to these men? For surely and indeed a notable (Undeniable) miracle has been done by them. All them in Jerusalem know of it and we ourselves cannot deny it."

This prayer is a BIG PRAYER. A PRAYER FOR OUR MIGHTY GOD.  A prayer for which only by His Power, By His Spirits Might, Glory & Grace such a miracle of Grace could be.

INSPIRATION.....Many thought when Jesus died all was lost and the glory of Jesus would be gone forever. Little did they know that His down moment was the seed of a mighty come back which most certainly by the promise of God was soon to come. His dropping to his knees in the Garden of despair, to the rejection of the counsel, to the whip, the thorns and the stripes, to the nailing of his feet and hands upon the cross, to his full taste of death, to his burial and three days and nights in the belly of the earth was all together a mighty seed of God sown into our world for the GREATEST COME BACK  the world would ever know.....deno

Jesus' Covenant Prayer in John 17 was the prayer that brought forth the Great Overcoming and Comeback of the Son of God. He knew what to pray by the Mind of the Spirit and He prayed the perfect intercessory prayer for His Come Back, His Resurrection, His Re-Glorification AND FOR US.....This prayer below that I have written was a prayer written against all visible odds. Like the resurrection of Jesus, even to His closest companions, such a miracle of grace just seemed beyond reach. But in their doubt and confusion and gloom, little did they know in what seemed to be the darkest moment in Israel, God was at work answering that prayer that Jesus prayed and little did they understand that the greatest event in all of human history was already under way and about to take place. The seed for Christ resurrection and mighty comeback was already planted and growing and when they thought all was that atmosphere of darkness and in much doubt.....Suddenly with all the doors being shut where they were assembled, JESUS APPEARED IN THE POWER AND GLORY OF HIS RESURRECTION.....deno

This prayer is a seed for the Church in these last days in this generation in America to plant for the God of all grace, of miracles, signs and wonders to stretch forth His Hand to perform. Please join me as we pray this prayer earnestly unto God our Father in Jesus Name (Daily praising His Name for it's undeniable notability). Thank You.

Father In Jesus Name....All things are possible with God and Nothing is to hard for the Lord. 

In Jesus Name cause the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and the saving gospel that his blood, death and resurrection speaks to have the full and free course in Americas every place, city, town, street, home, heart, mind and soul, and cause the Lord Jesus Christ to be welcomed and received in peace by the increasing OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the American  people and population from the youngest to the oldest in their hearts unto so great a salvation of the souls far far more that ever before in ALL THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

Cause all of Americas politicians, government, all of Americas thrones, Judges and local authorities in every town and city to overwhelmingly and uncompromisingly love, adore, FAVOR, believe, STAND UP FOR, confess, profess, trust in, cleave to, no longer deny,  but rule to promote, honor, exalt, magnify and glorify Jesus Christ the Risen Son of God and the gospel truth that his blood, death and resurrection speaks,....

And Father cause America to freshly and anew overwhelmingly & increasingly love and live for and STAND UP & STAND STRONG for Jesus Christ boldly far more than ever before in our Nations History...... 

And I pray that we all together love, adore, believe, cleave to with all our hearts faith, hope, love and passion to Jesus Christ boldly preaching and professing Him publicly even in and to our final breath and beyond the grave. For we being now full of faith and full of the Holy Spirit and full of the love of God refuse to deny the Lord that loved us and gave his all and his life to save us. 

Jesus only you are our life and true Savior. Only you our TRUE HOPE FOREVER......And the church together in unison and agreement said in Jesus Name, So Be It. Amen & Amen....

Let us remember what Jesus told us of His Power and Authority that He gave us the Church On Earth. He said...Whatsoever you the church allow (BIND ON EARTH) shall be allowed (Bound In Heaven)...Whatsoever you loose on earth shall be freed and sent from and in heaven....This is our prayer authority in Jesus Name defined......deno