Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Mix Of Real Bible Faith......deno

On that blessed holy night the Word became flesh so that all the manifold promises of God, from the heavenly ones to the physical ones, all could be materialized by the mix of the ingredient of our hearts faith in THE WORD...Jesus Christ....His name is Wonderful. His promises to all of us are Exceeding Great....All of Christ passions on the cross were endured so that we could attach our hearts faith to the promise of the so great a salvation and all the other New Covenant Promises that are better than all the old ones.. All that is missing from all these promises from God to us in and from Christ is the mix of the ingredient of your faith. When real bible kind of faith is mixed with Jesus Christ and all the promises of God, then real things begin to happen and occur and the promises more and more become flesh or materialize in us, in our lives, in our days. Let the Word, the promises of God become real and materialized in your life by the mix of faith Hebrews 4:2......deno