Thursday, December 26, 2013

When I Look At The Cross Of Christ..updated......deno.....please share freely

     When I look at the Cross of Christ I am beholding the Law giver Himself. On that Cross the Law giver is tasting death for every man. On that Cross the Law giver is suffering all the needful punishment to strip from the Law all of it's power and condemning weight. He being the Law giver gave the Law all of it's power, therefore He being the Law giver, he had and has every right to remove it's crushing and condemning forces off the backs and souls and lives of His People if He so chooses to....and thank God God chose to do just that, to remove the law. Now it is important that we realize that God did not remove or take away the Laws light, for it's light points us all to the need of the great and incredible sacrifice of Christ. It was the Laws destroying power Jesus came to give his life for to legally and justly remove off our backs so that we all could come to God, both the Jews and the Gentiles by faith in Christ redeeming and ever interceding blood by grace unto the free gift of Salvation. The condemning power of the Law Christ nailed to His cross with him. When Jesus died, so did also the power of sin, so that all of us, even the whole world, could come to God freed from the law of sin and death....deno....
     THE BLOOD OF JESUS SPEAKS UNTO ALL OF US THIS REDEMPTION GLORY....Where there is no Law, there is no transgressions....This is how God saved us. By the death of His Son ( the Law giver), God destroyed the Law that had us all under it's weight and curse so that all of us the same could be saved by faith in Christ atoning blood, reconciling death, and uniting resurrection. As it is most certainly written, By the death of His Son we were reconciled and brought back unto God and by his resurrection and ascension unto the Father we all together with Jesus sat down with our God and Father at and with Jesus in the Fathers Throne of endless Love, life and salvation. Have you learned yet to sit down with Jesus next to the Father? When you cease from your hope in your self righteous labors to save you and replace that with your hearts total dependency on Christ blood, death and resurrection, joining your self as Paul did with Christ from the Cross to the Throne, it is then, when you really fully do this with all your hearts trust, that you will find the rest your souls seeks and you will enter into Christ sweet rest right next to Dad in glory. But as long as you are trying to SAVE YOURSELF by the Laws good behavior demands and deeds of self righteousness, then friend you are going to eventually ware down and ware out from self condemnation and from the depression that comes from guilt and shame and shortcomings as you more and more realized how sinful and imperfect you still are in your many parts and in your dedication to God.I wish i were in all things perfect but only Jesus is. Thank God one day in the hope we have IN HIM we shall be like him in all things. But right now surely we are not that pure hearted or that perfect as he is in Love.
     So in closing this message. None of us, no not even one kept the Holy Laws to perfection though highly religious men did try to back then and some still try to today. And it is important that you realized the Laws standard was the demand of absolute flawless obedience to all its 600 plus commandments. The Law said if you break one of these 600 plus commandments, then in Gods sight you are guilty of all, meaning you have no place, nor right, nor help to boast about keeping the other ones. You will wear yourself out and down like the treading of high raging waters of a deep ocean without having no life preserver to help you trying to keep you afloat and to save yourself by the deeds of the Holy Law. You will always end up falling and coming short of the mark of flawless perfection that the Law in it's own words demanded. 
     Lay holt of Jesus. Put your hearts trust and hope and faith in the power of His Cross, His blood, and Resurrection. He, God gave. He is our everlasting and eternal life preserver. All your good works and good deeds and good efforts can by no means keep you above the waters of the stormiest of seas of this earth. Our sin situation is far worse than all this earths stormy seas. You cannot save yourself from the mighty storm and war that Sin & Satan has waged against you.. YOU NEED CHRIST...I NEED CHRIST...WE ALL NEED CHRIST THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD......deno