Friday, November 13, 2015

( if ) The Smallest Biggest Word in the Bible......share freely......deno.

A word of wisdom from the Lord......deno.
........There are more principalities and powers of the demonic world parked around the (IF) word used in the bible to link men up to the bible promises than most any other parking place in the old and new testament. Everywhere a promise of God has the word  IF attached to it, it is a conditional promise. These conditional promises challenge our hearts love and devotion to God. They weigh heavy on us all the NOT MY WILL BE DONE BUT THINE BE DONE  Spirit and Heart of Christ. Will we submit to the drinking of the cups of the conditions in the promise or will we follow the Christ from a distant heart that is far from him though the lips each Sunday morning speak otherwise.?
........The word IF used in the promise tells us and our opposing spirits that, that promise is a conditional promise. They know that people have to meet the set forth conditions for the promise to be realized in their life. They know men and women have to decide something, think something, obey something, do something, or believe something CONSISTENTLY  for the blessings of the promises to become activated in that persons life. So they are parked around the parking place of ( if ) to fight against us to keep us side tracked and off balanced lest we start meeting the conditions and start seeing God and His Promises SO REAL and SO BIG in our lives on the earth. It is a most severe day by day war of heart to tempting spirits confrontations going on after the affections and devotions of the hearts of men and women DAILY.
........ Yes that place called IF is a huge parking place of opposing spirits hoping to keep us in park and never in drive. They fight against us to keep us in park lest we find and engage the promising gears that will cause us to move forward to reach and obtain the result side of the promises of God that are conditional promises and that are conditioned based...So many promises brothers and sisters that the Lord has given us are conditional promises saying to us, IF YOU DO then I WILL....  IF YOU DON'T then I WON'T.
........Like the Lord told me years ago..Son if you want to taste the honey, then you are going to first have to fight your way thru the bees...As there was no way for Me around the Cross, there is no way for My Church to side step or to go around this faith fight and this overcoming need and doctrine.The land flowing with milk and honey was battled for. The opposing enemies had to be overcome for the children of Israel to possess the land...For you who are in Christ Jesus, your enemies are not flesh and blood but OPPOSING SPIRITS that are robbers, thieves, Word of God stealers and gospel manipulators, deceivers, evil and ill will thought enforcers, strife promoters, doubt pedlars, trick artist, spirit slayers, murderers, tempters, rulers of the spiritual blindness of men that oppose all entrances of the kingdom of God and fight at the entrance gates of all Gods Promises to men lest such fruit is found on the earth that they seek to rule and maintain their dominance upon.......Amen.......deno......share freely..