Wednesday, November 18, 2015

In the Bitter and in the Sweet........deno.....share freely.

.......You know, sometimes I wished i could just write about butterflies and beautiful birds and flowing streams of living water and post sweet honey post about Jesus, but the Spirit of the Lord want allow me to do that only. He told me true love and loyalty is found in the bitter not in the sweet. That is where the test of submissions and surrender really is and the test results scored ends with stagnation or increase of honor and grace.
....... Many of us Jesus wants to take further up his mountain of grace for greater grace transfigurations, but only few past the test for the extra climb. Most just want the sweet he says and they cast off any form of the bitter. He said it is the bitter side of grace that produces greater honor from God when under its fire we cry Holy is the Lord and not get me the heck out of here. We face our giants like David did, not tuck and run from them in fear.
......  When we serve the Lord by a gift of grace, sometimes he will take us to the rough waters in the ship of his grace. Those that are surrendered with the heart and with the mouth and with the pen to the Lord will not just write or post the sweet only  he says. The sweet only pen and post the Lord says, is like a building that is well decorated and beautiful and scented with sweet fragrances, but it is not grounded to withstand the stronger storms and attacks from the enemy. When the lightning hits, those are on the sweet only diet cannot handle the bitter side of the cross and many fall dead in faith or they cry out that the fire of this test is just to hot and they run. So many under those heavier faith trials run and only few make it thru to the next level up the mount of higher grace transfigurations.
........The Lords Spirit, he says the hour the world has entered now is the hour for the Strong in the Lord, who in their heart say, come heaven, hell, or high water I will be true and faithful and obey and serve Jesus even in the most bitter of times carrying the Cross. As it is written of many of the last days saints, even in the fire of the world's hate of them and Jesus Christ, they remained faithful and loved not their life even into death. THAT IS SCRIPTURE.
........ The day Jesus calmed the storm and multiplied the loaves and the few fish were sweet days of Christ on earth with men. Lots of happiness and satisfaction in those days amongst many. But that could not put out the bitter fire of drinking the cup of the Cross and persecutions for following Jesus. We to will have days where our storms cease and plenty is on the table and life taste like honey in Christ, but those sweet days cannot nullify the bitter side of the cross that we have all been called and chosen to take up.
......Just Ask Stephen, Peter, Paul, John, and the pillars of the church of the living gospel of this truth. The blood of the martyrs for the name of Jesus truly testifies.
.......Friends it  is easy for us to say, Thy will be done and not mine in the sweet, but in the bitter times as Peter was before the haters of Christ so often like he did we flee claiming the fire of the test is to hot and the cost to great.
.......I give to you as it was given me....If all i am willing to do is post and write the sweet in Christ which i like to do  i admit it,  then I am serving my own posting agenda and not the will of the Lord.
........Jesus posted to Peter one day this. He said, Peter, Satan wants to take you out...Peter when you were young you did as you desired. But I must tell you this bitter because I love you and want you prepared. He said, Peter, because you belong to Me and serve me, when you get older somebody is going to take you by the hand and lead you into something you prefer not.....This spoke Jesus to Peter to let Peter know by what death he would glorify God...Then after posting those words to Peter, Jesus posted these....Still yet FOLLOW ME..
.......The Spirit of Jesus in that fellowship said to me thru that light , YOU SEE, MY TRUE SPIRIT POST, SPEAKS, and WRITES THE SWEET AND THE BITTER. NOT JUST THE SWEET ONLY WITHOUT THE BITTER...AND NOT THE BITTER ONLY WITH NO SWEET.....Both the sweet and the bitter My True Spirit Speaks, Writes, and Post...Whatever I command bitter or sweet obey and do.....FOLLOW ME.......deno.....share freely.