Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When the Courage of a Nation is Under Fire.....deno.....share freely.

When the courage of a people and of a nation is under a test.
.......When a religion is empty of real light and truth, when it's message is dominate by fear and torment and not by peace thru the spreading of love, it is not strong enough to draw hearts by its message because the common sense people and reasoning minds can see right thru a bold lie, the deceptions, and schemes of evil. And because of its true weaknesses, that religion from envy, fears, lust for power, and from religious frustrations, that religion will revert to deceit, deception, lies, violence, murder, and terror for its drawing card because it is man manufactured with the help of a cruel and brutal Satanic Forces working on them, in them, and thru them under spiritual radar detection. They think they are doing Gods service just like Jesus said, but it really is Satans game. It is a religion of fear and fear based and its spreading power is false doctrines, spiritual illusions, scripture delusions, fear, threats and terrorism. They use all of that to make or force conversion. Love and freedom is a foreign language to its evil religious looking spirit.
...... (Note: When Jesus was on earth in the flesh, the children who Satan had blinded and taken over said and shouted that Jesus was the lie, that Jesus was even of the devil...But the very opposite was the truth...And all these chants about America and western civilization is all together the great Satan and that Jesus was only a man and that Jesus Christ and the Christians are of the devil is the same old deceiving lying ANTICHRIST SPIRIT that fought Jesus day to day when he was on earth and drove the nails.....but those driven nails God turned for our GOOD. It is called REDEMPTION BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD JESUS CHRIST).
........And that is what their prophet/messenger ORDERED thru them upon THE WORLD...He boldly wrote that Allah ordered a cross of physical torture, blood shed, decapitations, bodily mutilations, murder, and terror on the opposers of his Religion of Peace, on those who believe Jesus is the Lord from heaven and is the Messiah; on those who oppose his messengers supposed spirit of sweet love and perfect peace to all men by terrorizing the hell out of everybody because we THE GREATEST RELIGION OF PEACE THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, well we so love... THE WISE IN HEART SEE RIGHT THRU IT THAT PACK OF LIES...Be wise as serpents Jesus said concerning the enemy, REMEMBER ? He transforms himself to come across as a Messenger of light.
...... Every soul that approves of this BOOK of theirs is the gospels, and Jesus Christ and the worlds most dangerous foe. We have a rattle snake let loose in the world and he has mated and now he has little and big snakes finding snake dens all over the world in every nation.
....... Due to mind and heart sedation of ruling kings of western nations they have opened the door to hell on earth days to come. The world now will suffer THE KING OF SNAKES snake bites everywhere as they seek to subjugate the nations to submission by threats and terror using fear because there is no real love, nor mercy, nor tolerance in the heart of Islam. It is Evil, Deception, and Poisonous Snake Venom all packaged up together and delivered with a smile on it. But its heart is John 8:44 and its spirit is a butchers knife.
........ America, just look at the small dose of the venom of it so far around the world...THIS IS NOT A GAME. This evil is in their hearts and they are playing this thing for KEEPS even if they have to blow the whole world up in the name of the King of Snakes who has deceived their eyes and has exercised their hearts for murder and terror upon the world. They will not stop unless the world unites and puts them down. It did already once centuries ago, and the British empire had a whole lot to do with that victory. Now though, now the present England under strong delusion has allowed that snake even into her backyard and she has mated. Now England has within her boarders some no go zones where Muslims have made their demand despite British Law. They are planted. It will take a civil style war to crush the serpents head there and there is no way to pain a pretty picture of its course.
.......Im telling you, the powers of the Judeo Christian Values nations RIGHT NOW best put their shields back up because this enemies BOOK has in itself declared WAR on Jesus Christ, the gospel, western civilization, all other beliefs, theories, philosophies, Constitutions, and freedoms around the world.
........Right now, the powers that be are playing right into the Serpents scheme, placing his little snakes everywhere on earth. He is even being aided by stealth Leaders of nations who support and promote that spread. I CRY OUT TO AMERICA AND TO THE NATIONS that this product that he and they are trying to get us to buy into is worse than a lemon and it was manufactured in hell itself. QUIT BUYING IT AMERICA....STOP HIM and THEM NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. Jesus Christ in his great true love and mercy for each of us forgives 7 times 70 sins a day. The beast shows no mercy and will roll the heads.
..........If you only really knew what is ahead of us and the world because we have eaten, tolerated, and keep eating this end time forbidden fruit. The bible says the antichrist has the people beheaded who refuse to bend to him. WHO or WHAT RELIGION IN OUR DAY SHOWS US ALL THEY LOVE THIS BEHEADING PRACTICE....If and when they dominate the world there will be a huge line all over the world. NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT.Their doing it already..Go ahead and laugh. That is exactly what they want but the evidence has already been captured of how evil and heartless the beast is in them and that evidence is mounting up for the men of courage of the western nations in the world to take action against. If not soon it will be to late.
....... America, and I am speaking to WE THE PEOPLE because we have no Anti Islam leadership on the throne but AntiChrist and antichristian suppression AS IF NONE CAN NOTICE THIS..... BY THEIR FRUITS HE SAID YOU WILL KNOW THEM. Yea but he went to church all those years, Well we say YEA BACK so did Judas who claimed to be a Jesus follower FOR THREE YEARS BEFORE HE CARRIED OUT HIS HIDDEN BLOODY TAKE DOWN JESUS AGENDA. This is not a time for fear but for a boldness such the likes, like we have not seen in our nation for years.against any and all those found openly or in stealth assisting the Serpents mating game and spread of his religion of terror.
.......Who is AntiChrist the bible ask? It is those who deny the deity of the eternal Spirit of Jesus Christ and that deny that He is the Eternal Son of God that became flesh and that denies the Jesus is the Christ. Who is the AntiChrist the bible ask? It is he that says of the Cross of Christ, just a normal man died there which strips the great atoning sacrifice of its power and glory and counts Christ sacrifice, blood, death, and resurrection a powerless death of no redemption value. THAT THAT THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST and our borders and the nations are being FORCED to let those snakes that have that spirit inside them to flood the nations.
....... There is a madness INSIDE THOSE INFANT SNAKES of the KING OF SNAKES that fears Jesus Christ and that madness if not put down and seriously controlled AND PUT BACK IN ITS OWN PLACE, it will be the regret of the nations. We are just now seeing the shallow of the truth that these given words speak.....One day the blood will rise to the horses brow because of this same ANTICHRIST SPIRIT....