Thursday, November 5, 2015

America and THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION.......deno.

       The Freedom of Religion and the unsuppressed expression thereof is our full Christian Right and is protected BY THE ALREADY ESTABLISHED CONSTITUTIONAL LAW in the FIRST AMENDMENT. Any Judge that would make a ruling that goes cross grain with this Law is a Constitution Law Breaker Himself. He has rose up in the modern political ranks of this nation with other organized political firms and forces to change the face of America in so many ways.
        As idiotic as this sounds to the 3 percent of this nation who claim to be atheist, Hell is for the people of the nations of the world that did not believe the gospel of God. Heaven is for the believers from every nation that did believe and obey of the gospel of God. That is the final result of all separation of Church and State anti God anti Jesus activities and matters. It is that important of an issue. It extends its reach into eternity. It is the fight of unbelievers against believers. It is Atheist seeking to force the unbelief of their 3% of this nation populous still in darkness over the rest of the nations populous who are mostly the sons and daughters of faith in light who profess their faith in the words, In God We Trust.
        American Believers We Must Fight The Good Fight of Faith. The nations soul and the way our children view God and the face of our Nation is on the line. In God We Trust Must Live and Not Die. Faith Still Breaths Here....deno.....America Founded By Believers For Believers. It is the Law of the Constitution.