Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Powerful Redemption Revelation......deno.,,,share freely.

This is a powerful redemption revelation.
........When Jesus poured His life and his blood out from the Cross of our redemption,  not a drop was left. Of His fulness was the out pouring and of his fulness have we all received and grace for grace. There is nothing left that needs to be done or that needs to be poured out from Jesus for our redemption. PAID FOR IN FULL.
....... Jesus thru the Eternal Spirit offered himself up unto God and in that one Almighty offering, Jesus obtained for us, not a temporary fix, he did not come into our world and global sin situation and just put a bandaid on the problem. Jesus fixed the problem completely. He took it all out of the way nailing it all to His Cross.
........ Start paying real close attention here...When you see the sinless, the perfect, the pure, the undefiled Holy Spirit who for CENTURIES and  CENTURIES was hidden behind that thick Curtain in Jerusalem where only One Priest once a year was allowed to go behind that curtain tip toeing back there for fear of being struck dead if he entered to boldly or wrongly,  when you see that Same Holy Spirit that was for all those CENTURIES now running to the church in the upper room on the day of Pentecost and like a rushing mighty wind passing BOLDLY thru even their sinful flesh and without any form of hesitancy going and ENTERING HIMSELF deep down into their hearts to become One Spirit with the believing in Jesus spirits of men, THAT BOLD COMING AND THAT BOLD ENTRANCE INTO THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE WITH SINFUL FLESH, THAT MY FRIENDS IN REDEMPTION WISDOM, TRIUMPH, AND VICTORY MEANS MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY MESSIAH.
........God promised long ago and said he was going to tear down all the dividing walls that stood between us and God, and us and heaven and Jesus the Christ, the Lamb of God that took away the sin of the world did EXACTLY THAT. Christ  took every one of those dividing walls out of the way NAILING THEM TO HIS CROSS so making God's Peace and Goodwill mission to all men by Jesus Christ accomplished.
.......The only thing standing now between God and men is Unbelief, the dividing walls are gone. The power and dominion of sin over man thru the Laws that separated us from God, Jesus took those Laws and their dominion, rule, and power over us out of the way, nailing them all to death with him on the Cross. When he did that NOTHING was left standing between Gods Spirit and our spirits except ignorance and blindness to the good news of the gospel and unbelief.
.......On the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came like a rushing  mighty wind and passed thru all that sinful flesh of those believers in that upper room who were justified by faith in Jesus Christ and were washed in the power of His redeeming blood, and you see Him THE HOLIEST OF ALL coming and boldly entering into their hearts to make His home with their spirits in those flesh temples of the Holy Ghost, friends the BOLDNESS OF THE HOLY GHOST THAT DAY entering those believers without any hesitancy who were justified by faith in Christ, that tells us all loud and clear, that there was no DIVIDING WALLS of friction or enmity standing in power between those BELIEVERS and GOD.....For I give you the revelation that SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL gave me, He said for the Holy Spirit entering into the hearts of men on earth on the day of Pentecost is the same as men washed in My blood entering into the Holiest above in the very heaven of God. Both entrances are wrought by the exact same Power which is thru  My Blood....Both entrances happen thru the same power NO DIFFERENCE. He said it works the same BOTH WAYS..The entrance   way and the access with Confidence in both directions is the same...It is thru Jesus Christ and the power of the blood of His Cross. Did Jesus have any problem accessing back unto the Father and entering the heart of the Throne? No. Neither did the Holy Spirit of the Father run into any problems on the day of Pentecost accessing and entering into the hearts of the children of grace justified by faith in Jesus Christ. The blood and the Cross of Christ was endured by Jesus  to bring forth the glory of an eternal redemption whereby the glorious redemption mix of John 17 would be realized in the Spirit in spirit mixing of the Father in His children. Jesus said, I in them, You Father in Me and they in Us. That is love and the redemption heavenly Mix.
........All praise and glory to you Lord Jesus ....deno.....share freely....Forgiven.