Friday, February 10, 2017

Don't Step Out of the Power of God.....deno....share freely.

.......After God became a man and sacrificed HIMSELF for the punishment of the sins of all the world, do you think He would belittle His own sacrifice, His own meaningful death in any way and would now tell us to go offer goats, and sheep, and rams, and our own sweat and blood for salvation from our sins? Just work your self to the bone in good works and maybe, just maybe I might redeem and save you? That is a shallow understanding of the GREATNESS OF GODS LOVE. No God would not tell us to depend on those things. He always tells us (even commands us) to lean on Him, on HIS POWER. On His Strength and On His Big Shoulders..
.........God cannot deny himself. God cannot deny the blood of His own Cross and its redeeming, saving, heart changing power. His Spirit would never belittle or demean the power of His Cross and of His own precious blood. PREACH CHRIST and him crucified, the wisdom of God and the POWER OF GOD...
.......Listening to some precious people I find they seem to have blinders on and they see little or understand little and put little value in the power of the Cross of Christ. The Cross of Christ IS THE POWER OF GOD....Your sweat and self righteousness is the POWER OF YOU...So what part of the universe do you hold up with the word of your works magnificent power? None. Your own good works and sweat cannot even generate enough power to hold a bb up in the air. But you do have by your works power, power enough to fall six feet into the ground. So is it you that you want to lean on and depend on to raise you up out of the grave and into heaven unto God? Our own power is grave power and that is a sure thing. Gods power in Christ is resurrection and ascension Power and His Power will take us all the way up to the Throne of God and paradise and that is UNBREAKABLE TRUTH.
....... God by HIS POWER, the Word of His Power upholds ALL THE WEIGHT OF THE UNIVERSE and that Word Became Flesh and dwelt amongst us and went to the Cross as A Sinless Man/Lamb to UPHOLD US...Therein is THE POWER OF GOD..The sacrifice of GOD HIMSELF ON THE CROSS is His power to uphold us. To save us....It will UPHOLD ALL OF US who believe unto salvation..Stay In The Power of God, not in the power of you..
......When I read or listen to people and the major point of their emphasis is self, on us us us and not on Christ, is on our deeds and works for our justification and not on the Cross of Immanuel (GOD WITH US) THE POWER OF GOD, I realize they have not the full revelation of the EXCEEDING GREATNESS OF THE POWER OF HIS CROSS TO SAVE, TO SEAL, TO INFILL, TO REDEEM, TO SECURE, TO MAKE COMPLETE and TO CHANGE HEARTS. Christ is the answer. He is the answer for all our peace and joy and blessed assurance. Christ is EVERYTHING, Paul said.
.....When we keep the Power of God Rule and that Christ is Everything redemption rule in the forefront of the lineup of our thinking, then the rest will fall into proper place. Don't put the cart before the horse when you preach the gospel. Start with Jesus Christ and end with Jesus Christ. He is Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the END....The Way, the Truth and the Life.
........Don't Step Out of The Power of God When You Pray, Preach, Think, Write or Teach....You now know where that POWER is. The Cross of Christ is yesterday, today, and forever the Power of God and the Wisdom of God.
.........P.S...Only by THE CROSS came the RESURRECTION OF CHRIST...Only BY THE SAME CROSS SHALL a soul and body rise with HIM......deno.

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