Thursday, February 9, 2017

Revelations concerning the Body Of Christ on earth. Ephesians 5:23-33.

.......When you are the flesh and bone of the Son of God, when you are His Body, the Body of Christ. When you are the Son of Gods flesh and bones bodily member and you know that's who you are, you will INCREASE MORE IN PRAYER CONFIDENCE that in Jesus Name God hears you. After all you know, you SEE who you are, you know who you are a part of.  You are not a stranger. You are not a foreigner. You know the One that you belong to, and that you are not far from him in location. You are attached to Him and He is to you in the congregation of HIS BODY. You are a part of Him, the flesh and bone of the Son of God. Every member of the flesh of Christ has Son of God rights and privileges. EVERY MEMBER.
.......The flesh and bone bodily members of Christ have all an equal right to be heard, nourished, cherished by Jesus as His Body and HEARD by the Father as His Son....You even have the perfect right to call God YOUR DAD, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER as much as Jesus has that right. After all you are Jesus' flesh and Jesus' bones and Jesus does not know you otherwise. So we should not know or see ourselves otherwise.
......Often I say now to get my mind renewed to this light these words. I say Jesus your are MY HEAD and I am your flesh and bone. There is something about saying that over and over that causes me to be SO CLOSE TO HIM as to be a part of Him, a part of His heart, a part of His life and a part of His living and Being.
.......Jesus does not even take a step without HIS BODY THE CHURCH. His flesh and bones. How could he? Christ and His Body, Jesus and His Flesh and Bones are risen with Christ together and they are inseparable at the right hand of God....Jesus does not take a step on earth outside of us His Body and we do not take a step unto the Father outside of Jesus our Head & Way.....Lord open our eyes.....deno.