Thursday, February 9, 2017

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.....deno....share freely.

......When Adam and Eve were created they saw life and the world thru different eyes. For a while they saw the world thru sinless eyes. They were so non body minded that they were not even conscious of their nakedness or shape. So the outer physical looks and shape of peoples bodies were not the esteemed thing. My how things have changed.
.......Sin caused the way they viewed life and the world to change and become as we see each other and the world today. Men and women were not meant to be so body minded or divided by external things like looks and physical bodily shapes.
.......Gods love and heavens love is different than our present human evil divisive love. A persons external looks and shape has nothing to do with the way God feels about us or the way God loves us. What man esteems high is low to God and what people call beautiful God calls idolatry.
.......No one is beautiful in Gods eyes unless their heart is pure. Our present common problem is we are all presently connected to the curse of sin in the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life or vanity that Adam and Eve's sin gave us. This in part is part of the creations groaning as it groans in a misery crying out for its liberty from this curse and for the return and manifestation of sinless sons of God. Things were just not meant to be on earth as it is today. Only in Christ have we hope and in him soon WE SHALL BE CHANGED.
......Those of us who believe and belong to Christ, in our hearts CHRIST LOVE has been shed abroad even now and we are to learn to walk in the love of God in Christ so that we do not fulfill the divisive selfishness of the sinful self worshipping flesh.
......Have we become the idols of our worship that is getting in the way between us and God in these temples that belong to God? If we are still on our minds more than Christ and others and more than doing Gods will, we are still walking in the flesh and we are still just babes in Christ and babes in walking in the love of God. We are still on the milk of Christ.....deno.

P.S....ME ME ME...MINE MINE MINE is not the way of Gods love divine.

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