Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The revelations that set Paul Free from the Law..Freedom from the Law is such a beautiful GRACE PLACE.....deno.....share freely.

 Deno's Notes....Galations 3:1-6
......Paul called the Law, BONDAGE...Believe me, it took Paul a while to accept that revelation from Jesus, the revelation that the Law was bondage and the revelation of being justified by faith in Jesus without the deeds of the Law involved in it someway.
......Paul had always loved and cherished the Law of his upbringing. His mind was affixed to the way of the Law and by the way of the Law he lived dogmatically. He even had Christians killed on behalf of his love for the Law and his hate for Christ.
......Paul for years and years was the greatest LAW and WORKS OF THE LAW PROMOTER and EXALTER in all of Israel.....If he can get over it...SO CAN YOU....deno.
P.S. Faith in Jesus Christ blood, death, and resurrection THE NEW and LIVING WAY unto God, unto repentance, unto salvation, unto change of heart and life, unto empowerment, unto the infilling of the Holy Ghost, and all miracles.

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