Friday, February 10, 2017

The Blood of Christ Speaks.....deno.....share freely.

......Without the shedding of blood, the wisdom of God said there is no sin removed. (THAT'S IMPORTANT). In the light of that truth we write this. There exist no blood as sinless and perfect and as redeeming powerful as Christ the Lamb of God that God provided to remove the sin of the world and to reconcile us back to God.. In righteousness Jesus was established, and in saying no to that which defiles he was an immovable Rock. He did not even entertain the thought of sin. Christ was pure as Gods living water, sinless and without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. He was the perfect Lamb for the perfect sacrifice to take away sins forever and leave no need for another sacrifice to ever be made again.
........By the time Jesus came on the scene in the flesh in the land of Israel millions and millions of atoning sacrifices had been made. Day unto day the blood of animals was being being offered up unto God as points of intercessions and atonement's. The accumulated number of those sacrifices over the centuries is astounding. Christ would put an end to all of that forever. By the Sacrifice of Himself, Christ (Immanuel-God with us) was taking the burden of the Law of sacrifices off the back of Israel setting them free. From that great day on Israel unto all the world, we were all to put our hope in Jesus Christ and him crucified and raised from the dead. This new faith would be our righteousness. This new faith would be our justification. The faith of the Son of God crucified and risen from the dead would be the salvation of all them that believed.
.......Sin is always atoned for and dealt with in the bible with a blood sacrifice. ALWAYS...Our good works do not belong in the department of sin cleansing and removal. Our self righteousness does not belong on that sacred Altar, only Christ and him crucified.
........Take your shoes off God said to Moses. You are now on Holy Ground. Take your shoes off, your socks off, and anything else of your self off the altar of Christ Sacrifice Mr., for this ground is even more hallow and more sacred. The blood of the Son, the blood of Immanuel is there and that blood is crying out to the Father.
........To the trusting the voice of HIS BLOOD cries out, "have mercy and pass over them". To the other people called the scornful, the mockers, the unbelievers his blood cries against them saying, "in time avenge Me against my enemies". The power of God follows where the intercession points. For the saving of life or for the destruction of the soul, so the power falls....IN CHRIST WE PLEAD WITH YOU, CHOOSE LIFE that both you and your household may live......deno