Friday, February 10, 2017

The AntiChrist False Love......deno....share freely.

.......An act of love or compassion not wrought in the name or faith of Jesus Christ is AntiChrist territory. That is how subtle the beast that is coming is going to be. All the right stuff it seems he will be about, except he exalts his own name and rejects the gospel of Jesus Christ as the word of the Lord...He claims he himself is that word and that One and that love.
......The AntiChrist, His love will allow most everything as to be accepted in human behavior. His repentance is not Gods repentance. His spirit and repentance says, you should be ashamed of yourself for making that person feel guilty for their life styles and behaviors with what you preach. All in the name of tolerance and love. Let them do as they feel so to do. Your bible is wrong.
.......The world will not see thru the subtilty of the cleverness of the deception..They will marvel at the beast and love all he allows, even unto the abominations. He is the spirit that is behind gays saying the love me don't judge me delusion.
.......Because what seems to be good and compassionate is going to be going on in the days of the AntiChrist all in his name, this in part is why Paul said to the church, whatsoever good you do in word or in deed DO ALL OF IT IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST....
.......To the world in the days of the AntiChrist it will seem that pure evil is sweet and loaded up with good. They just cannot see that it is Lucifer conning them and taking them to the abomination of desolation hour.....deno.