Wednesday, April 5, 2017

You will FIND ME saith the Lord, when you SEEK ME with all your heart....deno.

 ......Many prophets did not see the fruits of their labors after much prophesying about the Christ to come. They went on into glory waiting for the descending of Christ. Many of us will not see all the fruits of our labors in Christ until our feet have actually landed on heavens eternal ground. We must not lose sight of this truth lest Satan frustrates and wearies us with false interpretations of premature obtaining's.
.......There are things prepared for us IN HEAVEN that only IN HEAVEN shall we possess them....In the mean while we keep pressing and we keep on laying up for ourselves treasures in heaven and we keep on walking by faith and not by sight...And what we do taste of God and of Grace and of His presence and favor in this life let us give thanks.
........And yet we say this...You will find Me saith the Lord to His people. You will find Me when you SEEK ME with all your heart..
........God promises each and everyone of us this great finding while our feet are still upon the earth. Who knows what REWARDS God has in store for those who diligently SEEK HIM.
........To find the Lord to the degree of what Jesus is saying in this scripture is A PECULIAR SPECIAL HANDS ON FINDING..It is like a most valuable TREASURE hidden in a field that one gives his all to dig for and find.
........This GREAT FINDING PROMISE God made unto HIS PEOPLE. In Him they (HIS PEOPLE) were living and In Him they were moving about and having their being but they had become a people NUMB TO HIS PRESENCE and MOVEMENTS and their vines empty of precious fruit and presence of God favors and blessings.....It was a mighty Presence of God finding and a mighty outpouring promise that He was making for them..In this great peculiar finding of God on earth by His People they would richly find out that the Taste of the Lord is so good, so delicious, so flavor filled that every thirst of soul would be met and fully satisfied and much more...For in Gods manifested presence is fulness of Joy and at His right hand pleasures (full satisfaction) forevermore....deno.