Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Finding the path of Peace and Joy in Christ.....deno.....share freely.

.......Jesus was so full of God, Love, Light, and Grace that he never let any of the sin, nor any of the evil ugliness, nor any of all the negativity in this world get him down until it was his time to lay the power down to suffer for our sins. Jesus laid the power down to deliver us, to save us from sin and its power, and to empower us to overcome the world with all its negative ugliness and bitter hate, and find that place IN HIM that gives to us THE JOY that every day was shinning bright thru him. Christ Joy was always FULL.
......There is a grace place of peace which passeth all this worlds reasoning and understanding offered unto us in Christ. It is found on a certain path and in that same path is found fulness of JOY. It can never be found or tasted if we are in doubt, doubleminded, or in some form of disobedience....Keeping it real folks.
.......Lets press on for the excellency of the good and faithful servants obedience, for that type of servant always enters the joy of the Lord. His joy on earth and his joy in heaven......Thank you Jesus....deno.