Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Woman at the well...Her grace story preaches.....deno.

.......Years ago at one of my brothers football games (he is a football coach) these words came to me...I heard them so clearly and wondered why a man like me was receiving such words. I was not a holy pure man as many of you have been. Those words were these...AMERICA HAS BECOME THE LAND OF THE SWAPPING OF WIVES...Well from those words i have written many things. From those words came forth this writing for hope...The woman at the well written by deno....scroll down.

......The woman at the well in the bible, she was married 5 times and the day she met Jesus at the well and had her grace conversation with he that is called THE HOPE OF ISRAEL and THE WORLD Jesus Christ, on that day the man she was living with was not her husband. She had been thru a lot of men. (5 husbands and one live in).....And yet the love Christ had for her and us which passes all understanding was SO GREAT that he offered her the power of his sacrifice to come and his salvation and living water anyway. Like the prodigal son/daughter, her past could not over power her present. Her situation and sins could not over power Christ love. Jesus told her, all she had to do was IN FAITH ASK and he would give her that living water.
........Now he did address her sin but he did so in love and not in wrath...BIG DIFFERENCE..She needed to be un-entangled from the snares of the sins of her life. She so desperately needed the mercy of the living God and Jesus came into the world to do just that. Jesus said, I have not come into the world to destroy people for their sins, but to save them from their sins. His name shall be called Savior and he is truly that.
........5 husbands and the present man that she was living with was not her husband, still yet the love of God was going to reach out to her and prevail for her and save her from the snare of her sins. His love will do the same for us. (Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21) So true it is for the hope of us all..)
.......Friends we all have GREAT HOPE IN CHRIST..No matter the trap or the snare our sins have us in, Christ can save us from them and deliver us out of them. His power to do so IS EXCEEDING GREAT POWER spawned from EXCEEDING GREAT LOVE....Truly Christ love hides/overlooks the multitude of sins.
.......Young lady/young man Jesus awaits his love and grace conversation with you...He says to you what he said to the woman at the well. Woman he said, If you knew the grace of God and who it is that is speaking to you, you would ask and He would give you living water.......deno...share freely.
P.S...She said, He knew and told me all that i ever did and yet he loved me anyway and offered me his salvation...That is our wonderful Jesus. That is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world speaking his truth is love....Amen.