Saturday, April 29, 2017

The sons and daughters of the beast.....share freely.....deno.

......The sons and the daughters of the Beast can be recognized with ease. They cut people heads off thinking they are doing Gods work. They are the most deceived of all.
.......The sons and the daughters of the Beast of the book of Revelations, Jesus said that the lust of their father (which is the devil) they will do. They will lie, cheat, STEAL, LOOT. Jesus said they are thieves, despise decency, hate authority, love darkness. They are self boasting, proud, haughty, violent, brutal, destructive, unkind, uncaring, irresponsible, lazy, unfruitful, wicked in the tongue, vulgarity is their language.
.......The children of the beast, they are full of jealousies and rich in envy. They are covenant breakers, untrustable. Their eyes are always roaming with unfaithfulness. To sin unto sin they run. They live for fleshly pleasures rather than living for God. They love sin and its pleasures and hate righteousness. They curse, swear in public having no regard for God, elders, or children. They listen to the devils rhymes and dance to the beat of demonic chanting's.
..... The children of the beast, they are cocky, arrogant, puffed up people. They walk and talk proudly. They grab their crotch as if to speak. They mug, murder, and make a mess of themselves and of the world. They are fit for nothing but eternal destruction. Peter and Paul called them the Cursed Children that refuse to cease from sin fearing not the wrath of God unto damnation.
.....Jesus would love to save them, but they love darkness more than light and refuse to humble themselves unto repentance. Even if they did seem to repent, it is to bring more worship and attention to themselves than to be real and sincere toward God. They are vain. As soon as they leave the church service they are looking for the fellowship and pleasures of sin. They are lions looking to devour the lioness or the lioness looking to devour the lions even in the church. One of the first demons Jesus cast out was inside a man in a synagogue.
......Having their eyes full of unfaithfulness and adultery, and they cannot cease from sin nor care to repent. They are beguiling souls always with their tongues and flatteries leading women and men into harlotry. They are unstable souls whose heart has been over and over again exercised in sin after sin after sin, CURSED CHILDREN..These children of the beast and for the fire are now multiplying amongst us..They have no shame. No desire to change. Their hearts again have become as stone.....2 Peter 2:9-19 and much more...To whom does our heart belong?...Let us all repent if repentance is the fruit God sees we need...Im repenting daily it seems....Do you need to do the same ?...deno.
They laugh at truth and mock Gods light.