Saturday, April 29, 2017

I will spew you out of My mouth. A New Look at that scripture..This may surprise you.....deno.

Something to think about.
.......When our Lord and heavenly Father told that church in the book of Revelations that he was going to spew them out of His mouth if they did not obey and adjust to his counsel and do what he told them, the Lord was talking to HIS CHILDREN and not to his enemies. Those Jesus loves, he rebukes and chastises....He was rebuking them and about to chastise, not condemn them to hell as if he has no interceding power to save or to redeem.
.......Let us think about something here....When God spewed Jonah out of HIS MOUTH, out of the fishes mouth after he chastised Jonah, Jonah was spewed out closer to Nineveh where Jonah was supposed to have gone..God in his chastisement of Jonah in the belly of the fish, God was also transporting Jonah closer to His will and to Jonahs duty.
......Chastisement from God always has a will of God purpose attached to it. When God spewed Jonah out of the mouth of HIS USE, Jonah was ready to obey God and do what he told him to do. That spewing taught Jonah to obey the Lord and caused him to bring forth the fruits of the will of God in his life. God did not spew Jonah out of His Mouth into hell, but into His purpose and will...Something to think about.
.......Our saving covenant that we have with God in the blood of Jesus Christ is FAR GREATER in saving power, keeping power, attachment and strength than what Jonah had interceding for him in the old covenant..
.......Friend since God can save the worse of sinners, surely he can save the stubborn servants of his...He has the power and the love to do so..Look on the bright side of grace..The hope it gives us is greater than all sins and stubbornness.
........Are you and i in the belly of the fish right now? If so, despite the pain and the discomforts we are being transported closer to the will of God for us...I know and believe in the love God has for both sinner and saint, for the faithful servants and for the Jonahs that God is dealing with...It is better to be in the belly of the fish than to be in the hell beneath...Let us repent quickly and get our heart and serving God right.....deno.