Thursday, April 6, 2017

And Jesus was transfigured before them.....deno.

Mark 9:11)...And Jesus took Peter, James, and John to the mount and he was transfigured before them.

......Here we have the real Jesus who is the Lord from heaven by whom God made the worlds, showing his true Self (His Eternal Spirit). vs 3) Jesus begins to manifest His Eternal Self. He begins to shine as light, as light and white beyond all known white, beyond the brightness of glistening white snow. His body fades out of sight. His Eternal Spirit takes over the scene. The sight is glorious and in power. Peter, James, and John stand in the glory of this power and vision in striking awe..So struck with the awe of the glory Peter turns to worship...Most every time God has appeared to men in measures of His Spirits glory, those men have all hit the floor stricken with awe, wonder, and fear.
.......And yet none of us on earth has seen the fulness of His glory nor the full of the exceeding brightness of His glistening Self. For Revelations 4:5 gives us a further glimpse of God in His Glorious Power. John the apostle was allowed to see it in measure. From Gods eternal Spirit, lightning and thunderous thunders proceed forth from His Divine Life and Energies. The sight of God is also with great loudness...Look at the Universe, think of HIS POWER.....Jesus revealed HIS HEART.....Thank God He that is all powerful and Almighty IS LOVE...PERFECT LOVE & HOLY. The combination is PERFECT as to make His Name to be called Wonderful.....deno