Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Word For America......deno.

.......Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead used to be the common exalted and promoted faith of most Americans and during that time calling upon the name of the Lord was always accepted and politically correct and brought encouragement and comfort to the nation. But a very small group of people despised the name of the Lord and his gospel and they began to contest the common faith and moral convictions of our nation to bring the nation into subjection to their convictions, beliefs, perversions, deceitful lust, and desires.
.......Now these opposers of Jesus Christ have grown in such power and financial influence in our nation that they are able to cast forth from their movie makings and television shows the illusion that things like two pro football players to sleep with each other and have sex with one another doing abominations is ok and is what the nation wants and approves, and is Americas new norm, but for a pro football or basketball player to confess that Jesus is Lord or pray publicly like on the side lines of a pro football game is shameful and is to be shunned and silenced and to be put in the closet. They have turned the nation upside down and wrong side up. Darkness is striving to replace the light. Pharaohs servants and sorcerers are trying to re write the scriptures to where to two serpents of the witches swallow up the serpent of Moses staff.
.......What in the world happened to America, the nation that used to be called by the world A Righteous Nation?...Answer...The Church became awed and fascinated by the modern world and all its new sounds and songs and dance and with the modern worlds present entertainments and pleasure and the church became worldly, lost its salt and laid down the power, and in our lukewarm state for a generation or two the devil turned the tide in America to his favor. He was able to put his people in the power seats of the nation to approve sin and promote abominations, even by law and legislation enforcement. Most of us are so sinful ourselves that this no longer enrages us.
.......We need the promised revival in America soon to restore the holy convictions of righteousness in our hearts and the glory of Christ and his love..Let its fire and burn start in our own hearts first..With the election of Trump God is intervening..Let us keep seeking God and humbling ourselves before him and keep turning from our wicked ways so that He will hear from heaven and heal our nation....deno.
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God Shed His Grace On Thee....America.