Sunday, April 9, 2017

From the supernatural VISION that God gave me.....deno....share freely.

......One evening in an imparted Vision giving me, I found myself in the power of God. Soon i entered a vision. I was taken to a church.
.......In that vision i was shown different things that had meaning and purpose...In a certain place in that vision, God opened my eyes and enabled me to see thru a wall into a room that was in a huge church. Several women were in that room. Looked like a Sunday School room..
.......As i was looking into that room my ears hearing became strangely magnified and i was able to hear their talk. Folks some of it was shameful. Like words or speech that should never be heard in the house or in the true temple of God ever, neither at home or in life period. But it was going on and that in that room in the church where the church was gathering..
.......As I was watching and listening to this and wondering why of all people i myself, one of the chiefest of sinners, was seeing all this, all of the sudden the emotions or feelings of the Spirit of the Lord swapped places with my natural normal emotions. When that happened i began to melt in my gut, and groan in my heart/belly area. It was breath taking. Jesus was allowing me to feel his feelings about what i was seeing and hearing.
.......Folks the Lords feelings are deep deep. His holy convictions deep deep.I almost cannot put it into words the depths of the feelings of God...Did you know God has feelings? He is easily touched with the feelings of our infirmities because He is VERY SENSITIVE...His heart is never hard or calloused or stony. His love never waxes cold for sin cannot be found in Him. He is a pure Spirit. A Holy Spirit. He is Perfect Faithful Love.
......His feelings that i was allowed to taste within about what i was seeing and hearing in that VISION was not wrath, nor anger nor out rage THANK GOD. We know He has a wrath, but his children are not appointed to wrath because He poured on Jesus His wrath for them. But He was showing me a condition that He wanted addressed.. Back to the feelings he was causing me to feel. It was almost like He was blushing in shock. Like as if he was in shock and awe and in astonishing wonder. It was like as if he wanted to cry deeply as if in intercession for their souls as his daughters who with their mouths had gone astray.
......I know this word is for somebody today. Maybe even many...Love you in Christ...No stones here folks...Just trying to obey God in this sharing..It speaks to us men to....He said that he was going to baptize us by Christ with the Holy Spirit and FIRE....We need the Power and the Fire that purifies us as refined gold and straightens all of us up...The time we are entering demands it...That he may present unto himself a glorious church, washed in the blood of the Lamb and without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.....WATCH YOUR TONGUE, watch what we speak out our mouths was a vital part of the Visions  message.....deno.