Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Spirit of Elijah known as John the baptist is still preaching..Are we willing to listen?....deno.

........One day a man of God, actually the greatest prophet and man of God ever born into this world thru a woman came into a modern day church. He was wearing camels skin with its hair around his waist and shoulders with a rope tied around him as his belt. His hair was sort of wild and his beard was rather a bushy bush and he had a container of wild honey strapped around his shoulder. Grasshoppers and wild honey was his diet.
.......This man of God was filled with the Spirit and Mind of God from his mothers womb. From his conception God was teaching him all he wanted him to preach to HIS PEOPLE.
.......Passing thru his mothers womb and growing up in God out and away from the hustle and bustle of this world, the Word of God came to him clearly.
.......One day that man who was the greatest prophet of God that ever lived was asked some questions when he visited that fancy modern day church that sparkled and shined with gleam. In one of his answers to a question, John by the Spirit of the Lord at that fancy big church said, Well you should be content with such things as you have. Cause no one unjust harm. Take advantage of no one and never accuse someone falsely or give out fake or false news about people.
.........Another asked him about taxes and John told him, You should be honest when you do your taxes for God the judge judges all you say and do.
........Others asked him what they should do and John answered, Be charitable. Share your possessions and clothes and food with the needy and be thankful and be CONTENT with your pay.
.......So I ask you...What does the Spirit that you preach by tell you to preach ? Does it clash against or go contrary to what John the greatest prophet and man of God ever born thru a woman, and who was filled with the Spirit of the Lord from his conception preached? Church are we content? Or are we preaching now to chase vanity and to gobble up all we can from the gold dust falling from the trees??????
.......Paul who preached about giving and receiving and about sowing and reaping ALSO PREACHED THAT WE SHOULD BE CONTENT WITH SUCH THINGS AS WE HAVE..FOR WE BROUGHT NOTHING INTO THIS WORLD and surely we will not take anything of this world with us. So let us with food, clothing, and shelter BE CONTENT...Pauls words did not clash with John the baptist, the greatest prophet that ever lived sermons.
.......Our extra and excess is for blessings and for joy and for us being used by God to answer other peoples cries and prayers and needs...Not for self pile up in excess..Its great to have plenty and more than enough...But the more than enough has a calling of God attached to it also..Let us walk worthy of that calling and you that are rich do not fall short of it..(Remember what Jesus said about the poor man Lazarus and the self absorbed rich man)...For one of them it was a very sad ending that no period to its torment could ever be found.
.......Paul said let them that are rich be charitable. Be givers. Be willing to share and do so..You can be rich and content at the same time..You can be rich and the greatest giver at the same time..The heart is the matter in this.......deno.Image may contain: one or more people