Friday, August 29, 2014

Jesus Said, In My Name Feed The Hungry, Cloth The Naked. Visit The Bound......share freely.......deno

Jesus said......And the poor man full of sores laid at the rich mans gate daily. In his poverty all he desired was just the scraps, even the crumbs from the rich mans table. But lying there slowly dying day after day the rich man walked by him ignoring the poor man. Better you down there than me he thought. Then it happened. The inevitable happened. Both men died. Isn't that a shocker?  The rich man who was always well dressed and well fed, he went to hell for fattening his soul and for looking down on people and not caring for the poor and for other reasons, and in torment Jesus said he went to crying for just one drop of water to be brought to him to ease his pain for he was in torment in that flame, but no drop of water was given him just like he did not care enough to take the time to help that poor man that laid at his gate begging for just one piece of the crumbs.....Jesus said in the last days the love of peoples heart will have waxed cold. In other words they will see people in need right in from of them and just walk on by. That is the sign of cold hearts in the end of the age known as grace......Something to think about........deno......share freely.
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