Friday, August 29, 2014

Americas Blessing......deno.....share freely.

      There is such a blessing of God that has been placed upon America from even prayers and of faith long ago from the founding Christians and fore fathers that it takes under minding men using deception, manipulation, betrayal of country, covenant breaking, disloyalty, and purposed mismanagement of resources and of our prosperity to stifle our increase and quench our blessings and strengths. People usually in Americas inner circles connected to others who are not Christians are the ones going about striving to dismantle Americas blessing and strengths like those people who allow lawless entry of millions and millions into our nation unlawfully even after they themselves have severely mismanaged Americas checkbook irresponsibly.  This is severe destructive it is written in the scriptures, "Who brought in all these weeds into the garden of the Lord. Jesus said, An enemy has done this.....and He was talking about people who did not belong there. Go and read it.
      You know you are blessed when if the Government would quit meddling in your citizens affairs and would not be your ball and chain you would keep on prospering and prospering and prospering. 
     You see the bible says that the devil gives the AntiChrist the throne of his government over the world. He does this because HE KNOWS that thru government he can eventually work his evil and curse upon the citizens and souls of the world....
     Government in Jesus' hands is and shall be beautiful for all the world forever. Government in Satans hands is the eventual downfall and destruction of nations and of the worlds soul and system in less than 7 years of strong deception in the reign of the AntiChrist. When Satan finally pushes and presses the nations governments under his Satanic Leadership under the AntiChrist, it all comes falling apart even withing less than 7 years.  For all Satanic wrought riches and prosperity are sweet candy coated delusions to hide the destruction ahead. Prosperity by AntiChrist leadership will rise quickly but with tremendous bloodshed of  the righteous, and then his reign will come crashing down to a swift and terrible end when Jesus returns to avenge the blood of his saints. Its like a party of the blind who have no real idea the evil of the heart of the one whose hands are at the wheel leading them because he is always smiling at them with the fondest of smiles during the hidden destructive process...this is AntiChrist spirit. This is the GREAT DECEPTION of the last days....It is already shaping and organizing governments and the nations and their citizens minds for his platform. 
     America, against all odds and against all the world STAY WITH AND CLEAVE TO JESUS CHRIST and THE TRUTH THAT IS IN HIM.......deno.