Friday, August 29, 2014

We Must Now Fight For America......deno.....share freely.

       For over 200 years the pulpits in America were the guiding light of Christ steering the moral compass and the decision making of the citizens and of the Government of these United States. When we were all, on the most part, in agreement with the pulpits of America, God kept this nation and made His Face to smile upon America even thru our most trying times of freedoms perfecting and independence upkeep. In those days many could actually wake up in the mornings and there was a beautiful mysterious awe in the atmosphere that the heart and soul could taste from coast to coast and from sea to shining sea. You could sleep with your widows up and the doors open in 99 plus % of her vast territories of people for the atmosphere in America was sweet and pleasant and brotherly. It was Gods grace presence and blessing.
       During most of those years the statistics prove America was always above only in every good way of blessings and National strengths that made us stand out from all the other nations of the world. But guess what. That 1 % in time began to scream at the rest of us in their despise of our Christian graces in this nation. They yelled and they screamed and they foamed at the mouth until their venomous poison began to be spread little by little thru out the land using that good ol sweetest of words called tolerance. Now that bunch hates the pulpit. Despises faith and esp. the Name and the faith of Jesus Christ and everywhere they go they try to spew their poisonous venom into schools, businesses, public arenas to shut up the believers of America and their pulpit that kept America the shining city upon a hill by Gods Favor and Blessings on this nation for centuries. 
      The whole gigantic majority  of WE THE BELIEVERS IN THE UNITED SATES OF AMERICA of this nation are to now gloriously unite in number, and in One voice, and in our GIGANTIC AVAILABLE RESOURCES as we did in the olden days, we must  all together rise back up and sue that entire unholy alliance bunch that seeks to silence God and His pulpits in America by using the Constitution of the United States that is on our side when rightly interpreted and not spun, and freedom of religion and the full expression thereof be the Law of all rulings conformity and revoke the Courts evil wrongful decision that Atheism is now a religion. That is so wrong and evil to rule that Atheism is a religion. Those evil blind court Judges redefined what religion is just as they have redefined marriage.  
       Now the Judges having no fear of God have said, God you are wrong in your biblical definition of Religion and Marriage. This court ruling has brought on us shame from heaven and from even other nations and a has brought a gloomy cloud over our Nation. Those other nations themselves wonder what in the world  has happened to America.  Confusion is even more and more setting in on our little children's moral compass. Atheism is not a true religion and even a child knows better than that. But that organized bunch that made that ruling, having infiltrated by influence into the courts of America, do so so that the Atheist could go on to attack the real believers and the real faiths of America and could demand equal rights to Atheism and even Satanism which our founding fathers would have never allowed in America...
      That 1% is destroying more of America and Americas Christian Traditions and Values than all the wars and blood that Americans have shed in the battles for our Independence and for the Freedom of Religion. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.....deno....please share.....And thank God for the American Center for Law and Justice. and for WallBuilders by David Barton/WallBuilders.....Please Pray For Them & Support Them....Thank You...God Is On Our Side and There Is Far More With Is Than There Is With Them.....Rise Awaiting Giant And Lets Let Our Thundering Voice Be Heard In This Nation Again Henceforth And Forevemore To The Glory And Honor Of God Our Savior And Our Salvation.....Amen & Amen.