Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jesus, Far Above All Others....Why? Explained....deno

       In all the nations of the earth, religion and beliefs, names, and esteemed people and other things we have all held these things as dear and sacred to our hearts and that is all understandable. But that being as it may does not position any of us as exempt from judgement and accountability to God and His truth that is in His Son Jesus Christ by Whom He Created all things.  Colossians 1:9-20.....This truth just said is why billions of people in all the nations, we have let go of all our former beliefs and now we believe in Jesus Christ and follow him on earth and  unto the real glory of Paradise in heaven after death.
      Jesus Christ, along with all those miracles and healings he did that would have filled up volumes of books all over the world, he along with all those thousands and thousands of signs and wonders preached and what he preached He backed with Loves power, signs and glorious wonders, and He boldly, in the face of all the world of opposition thrown against him from Satan, and from used Rome and of Israel, he proclaimed that He and His Word was and is and shall always be THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE AND THAT NO MATTER WHAT THIS WORLD THINKS, SAYS, OR EVEN DOES OR DOES NOT DO, NO ONE WILL ENTER INTO GLORY BUT THRU BELIEVING AND FOLLOWING HIM Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Gods Son. We must everyday be and remain faith connected to  THE BLOOD OF HIS REDEEMING CROSS WHERE HE DIED AS THE PUNISHMENT FOR OUR SINS AND TO HIS GLORIOUS RESURRECTION. Only Thru Christ. 
       Only thru Jesus Christ is Eternal Life and Salvation. Only thru his death and resurrection we are redeemed, not by ours. To think that you, blowing yourself up and killing others gets Gods favor is deception at its peak. That would be saying the tears and the sufferings of Christ were weak and beggarly. Jesus, God in the flesh paid a horrible price on the Cross for our sins to be forgiven and God will not dishonor His Sons agonies by exalting your blowing up yourself as necessary. Jesus died to save men not to destroy men. Love is of God. Hate is of the devil....He (Jesus) paid the GREAT PRICE. We are to know and to believe in the love Jesus has for us.
      Jesus even said that all nations and all people will be judged by HIS WORDS in the day of judgement and for that reason He said, Go into ALL THE WORLD and  INTO ALL THE NATIONS AND PREACH THE GOOD NEWS THAT MY NAME, AND MY CROSS, AND MY BLOOD,  AND MY MY DEATH AND RESURRECTION HAS ACCOMPLISHED FOR THE WORLD. Make disciples and believers and followers of people in all nations (Europe, Asia, The Middle East Nations that I love, The West, nations of the North and of the nations of the South, and do so unto the END OF THE WORLD. He said those that believe the message of My Good News shall be saved, but those that do not believe that I am the Christ the Son of God there is nothing I can do for them and they BEING DECEIVED by the religious Satan, shall die in their sins separated from God forever.  The blood of MY CROSS and MY DEATH is only what counts and it is the power of God unto salvation and blessings and not any body elses blood or death. So do not be misled by wolves in sheeps clothing  that tell you that blowing yourself up and killing others has redeeming value. It does not. I died for all that all might live. Only My blood and death Saves, Redeems and Blesses. All other sacrifices are in vain and have no redeeming value but Satan deceives those that do and in the judgement that follows they are guilty of murder and as My Word says, no murder has any eternal life abiding in  them (1 John 2:18-23 and 1 John 4:1-12) so don't let Satan deceive you or use you or abuse your body and soul with a bomb for there gain and world agenda and for a lie.....And Jesus, the Son of God BY WHOM  HE MADE THE WORLDS, His Cross and His message is the TRUE MESSAGE from the THRONE of God. No other exalted or non exalted man or prophet can fit those MIGHTY SHOES just as John the baptist said...
      Well that TRUTH and THAT MESSAGE from the resurrected King of Glory (Jesus Christ the King of Love and of Eternal Power) has not changed. If any of us, no matter who we think we are and no matter what others may proclaim or proclaim themselves to be, Jesus Christ and His Message is THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER. It has never changed.
       Now Satan will transform himself into a messenger of light and lie about Jesus Christ message and this truth just as he lied against the Word of God to Adam & Eve. But nonetheless the scriptures says, let every man lie about this but God will not. And it is God, even the risen Lord Jesus Christ who is Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He has the final say so about all things being Himself the Beginning and the End. GOD HIMSELF IN FLESH.
       Other reasons why Jesus is FAR ABOVE US ALL AND FAR ABOVE ALL OTHERS AND FAR ABOVE ALL the so  called Prophets, Priest and Kings, we find in Hebrews 1:1-3) the GREAT DIFFERENCE between Jesus and us and prophets. Here we plainly see Jesus Christ was much much MUCH more than just a man in the Spirit. Let's read.

vs 1) HCSB TRANSLATION....Long ago God spoke to the fathers by the prophets at different times and in different ways.
vs 2) But in these last days, God has spoken unto us by HIS SON....(note here what the Holy Spirit of God reveals about His Son Jesus Christ), whom He (God) has made heir of all things in heaven and on earth, and through Jesus Christ His Son (in the beginning before the worlds were brought forth and before man) GOD CREATED ALL OF HEAVEN AND THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE BY HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Such could never be said of Noah, of  Abraham, of Moses, nor of Elijah or Mohammed. Give your soul a chance unto real life and real salvation and hear those words just penned.
         Friends near and afar, all of us with all that we have been brain washed to think or have been taught since our childhood to hold to be sacred and dear to our hearts, whether those things be beliefs, creeds, doctrines, convictions, people, places, ways and means, none of us in all the world can say that what we have been taught can measure up to the level of Jesus Christ the Creator and none of those diverse things we were taught have ever been told us to be the Divine power and the Divine hands of the Living God. None of us Jew, Muslim or Gentiles can honestly say that the men we esteem high and that we believe and call upon were know to have CREATED THE UNIVERSE. Not uncle Sam. Not the King or Queen of England. Not Abraham. Not Moses. Not King David. Not Solomon. Not Joshua. Not Buddha and not even Mohammed.....
      But this we all can read and see, we see Jesus in the Holy scriptures, spoken much more of in the Koran than to my shock more than Mohammed is spoken of in the Koran. Jesus and His Name covers the spread and fills the pages in the New Testament Scriptures, and Jesus said to all of us that His scriptures and words cannot be broken as to fail from being truth.  The holy scriptures reveal that this Jesus that shook the world with His Love, Light & Power from God testified of Him saying to  those who tried to put Moses and Elijah on the same level as  Jesus Christ Gods Son, God said, "No, do not build a place of worship for Moses and Elijah here with MY SON. For those men that I love, they are but men only and only prophets. Theycannot fit the shoes of MY SON. For Jesus Christ is My Beloved Son by whom I MADE AND CREATED the Universe by. That in itself means Jesus Christ is FAR ABOVE ALL. Even as the Creator is FAR ABOVE the created.
      For Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Buddha, King David, Solomon , Mohammed are the made NOT THE MAKER. They all together are the created NOT THE CREATOR. God said to us all in Hebrews chapter One that By MY SON Jesus Christ were created all things and without Him nothing was made that was made. SO NOW HEAR HIM  JESUS CHRIST MY SON. LISTEN TO HIM. OBEY HIM. ESTEEM HIM.  For He Is Exalted and Honored FAR ABOVE ALL....For only in Jesus MY SON am I well pleased...Believe and Obey Him......scroll down.

       Friends now near or afar, God has spoken all these words of truth to us all in these last days.  God has now spoken THIS TRUTH TO YOU. Let all that we were formerly taught as the truth, let it go God says and follow HIS SON Jesus Christ and His Love and Strengths for on this is the true Salvation of the soul. For God raised HIS SON from the dead and SAT HIM at His Own Right Hand in His Throne Far Above All Men And Far Above All Prophets and Names. Jesus Christ is in the Throne, is the one you have put your hope in on ON THE THRONE? No he or she and they are not....ONLY JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD BY WHOM GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE AND ALL HEAVEN is on the THRONE. He then knows what is the truth verses a religious lie or misleading.  (Hebrews 1:1-14)....Amen.....deno.....share in love freely. Father in Jesus Name Open out their eyes to you truth that is in You SON Our Redeemer Jesus Christ..Amen Amen