Saturday, August 30, 2014

AntiChrist and his Beheading Religion of Lies.......deno.

       Revelations 20:1-4 reveals to us that the AntiChrist and HIS WAY & RELIGION, it reveals to us that what is included in that religion that exalts itself above the God and Father of Jesus Christ and above the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. is that it is a WAY & BELIEF & RELIGION that includes THE BEHEADING of those who oppose that way, to behead those who believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. (Remember He Is AntiChrist, against Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He replaces Jesus in the peoples hearts and minds with HIMSELF & with His religious lies about divine truth and ways.....
      America & Europe I ask you. What religion in this world fits this picture and promotes BEHEADING????....America & Europe please listen...... Tolerance is a Poisonous Snake just waiting to strike as soon as things warm up. The more they advance, multiply in the nations, the more that old Serpents blood is warming up. And when the numbers are right and the weapons positioned, and when the children of blindness are ready to believe and embrace the GREAT RELIGIOUS LIE THRU FEAR OF TERROR....then the world once again will suffer the Serpents Greatest Bite of the AntiChrist FLATTERING SMILE AND TONGUE that religiously deceives the nations with smiles backed by the BEHEADING THREATS OF PERSUASION.....Scroll Down.

        Some people better WAKE UP.....Just like Jesus said...The last days are not a time for HIS NATION & HIS PEOPLE TO BE FEAR FILLED AND ASLEEP.....Revelations 20:4) And I saw thrones, and they that sat on them, and judgement was committed to them......THEN I SAW THE SOULS OF THOSE WHO HAD BEEN "BEHEADED" FOR THEIR TESTIMONY FOR THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AND THE WORD OF GOD (HIS FATHER). FOR THEY DID NOT WORSHIP THE BEAST OR HIS IMAGE, AND THEY DID NOT RECEIVE HIS MARK ON THEIR FOREHEADS OR ON THEIR HANDS........deno.....share freely.