Sunday, February 24, 2013


        "....Someone very wise said, When it comes to serving the Lord and doing Gods will in this hostile anti Jesus, anti Christian times, expect to be hated. Expect to be withstood. Expect to be persecuted. Expect to be spit upon. Expect to be rejected. Expect to be mocked, laughed at and constantly put down. Expect to be harassed and hissed at by hearts in which the Serpent is coiled up inside. Expect to lay down your life for the gospel....And when your heart is set and ready for this kind of treatment and yet you still get off your seat and put your hand to the plow of the work God has called you to knowing the heavy cost, THEN YOU ARE THE STRONG IN THE LORD. YOU ARE HIS REAL WARRIOR for so did the Peter and Paul.

        Jesus lovingly told  both Peter and Paul before he sent them out on their missions just how rough the road was going to be and get for them. He did not withhold this info from them but told them exactly what they would be facing for His names sake. He says very similar words to us today as the spirit of anti Christ is becoming more embodied upon the earth. But if you seek the fame of human applause only. If you want to be praised and worshiped like the rock stars and experience only love, comfort, and praise from people and not persecution, your in the wrong line of work for the days ahead on earth..

        Now this does not mean all will be weary and dreary. For our Lord told us that when we see all the bad that he foretold would happen on earth in the last days arriving, he did not say go run and climb the trees with the monkeys and act like animals gone wild. He said, LOOK UP AND BE EXCEEDINGLY GLAD for your redemption draweth nigh....And even St Peter knowing any day he could be taken by enemy hands and persecuted unto death for living for and loving Jesus, he wrote of rejoicing with joy unspeakable full of glory......And Paul also learned and wrote that Jesus comforts us in all our tribulations. Thank God he did then and does now and shall do tomorrow....Amen

        After Jesus informed St Peter that serving Him was eventually going to cost him his physical life on earth from the hands of the blind, of the hate filled and  from persecution....Jesus said., " Even so Peter Obey and Follow me faithfully....Endure....Persevere.....Keep Believing....Press On....Onward Christian Soldier No Matter What.....FOR INCREDIBLY GREAT IS YOUR REWARD IN HEAVEN ".....DENO.....AMERICA FOUNDED BY BELIEVERS FOR BELIEVERS.

In the pic Jesus was entering Jerusalem being loved and praised as Hosanna in the highest. A couple of days later the same people turned on him and voted him to be Crucified....The Father told His Son as he was on the donkey headed to his passion in just a few short days....Even what he says to us today....EVEN SO "ONWARD.