Sunday, February 24, 2013


When mankind's heart gets to the stoney place where they exalt their ideas and thoughts above Gods
 thoughts and Word and take an open shameless rebellious stand of disagreement with God, not considering
 how that what they do effects their children's moral and conviction shapening. Then they have lost Gods
mind and Spirit and his blessing once again. The thorns and thistles that this transgression shall bring forth
shall be worse than the first and end time conclusions shall begin to occur rapidly.....For this kind of heart
gives great place to Satan, Gods enemy, for the tearing down of pillars of truth in nations and for the erosion
of faith and of godly virtues and values in the earth. That which follows this moral decay that spawns from a
lot of doubt and unbelief is Judgements.......Open your eyes my friend and look at the fields. They have
heard. They have been told and yet this generation has set its face as stone against a Mighty God......2
Thessalonians 2:1-12.....Deno.