Thursday, July 25, 2013

Peter Feed My Sheep My Words....

      Something to think about.....Jesus said to Peter, "If you really love me Peter, then FEED MY SHEEP....Continuously teach them MY WORDS."  Parents, Mothers, Fathers, if you genuinely love Jesus, FEED YOUR CHILDREN HIS WORDS. Teach HIS WORDS to them.  Feeding others HIS WORDS is an act of Christ love and an act of your love for Him.  He said, if you love Me then feed My Sheep My Words. This can also mean this. Are you tuned in?  If we only feed and teach our children the things of the knowledge and wisdom of this world, then that is an unloving act.  Even a hate crime in the Law books of heaven and of Jesus Christ. Peter, Jesus said, If you really love Me, FEED MY CHILDREN MY  WORDS.            
       America really used to love its children. They taught their children the gospel in the schools all over this nations for hundreds of years. Led them in prayer and taught them the behavioral laws of the 10 Commandments. In those years teenage pregnancy and divorce was hardly heard of.  It was very rare.  But oh how things have changed in America since the so called new age enlightened ones took a great big  giant step against God. The evidence of all this is CLEAR to see. It is Undeniable.....deno......think about it.