Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Prayer Is A Covenant Agreement Between God and You. Faith Mixed In The Prayer Makes The Prayer Powerful And Effective.....deno

      Prayer is a Covenant transaction and agreement between God and You in Jesus Name. Jesus taught in Mark 11:23-34 the covenant agreement of the prayer of faith. He revealed to all of us that faiths power and righteousness far exceeds even a whole life time of self righteous deeds under the Law. People of old and new often have said, Well if you keep Gods 10 Commandments God will answer your prayers, meaning. If you work hard at doing good then your prayers will prosper and prevail.
      Now we all know the importance of obeying God. But there is an obedience of faith that Jesus taught would guaranty full prayer results, put in motion, the moment of the prayer without the deeds of the law having power for or against the prayer result. He revealed in Mark 11:23-24) What things you desire, when you pray, at that time believe you receive them and you shall have them. They will come to pass. Your faith will be your right for God to answer and perform your prayer. This is a covenant agreement. (See James 1:5-8)
       Every prayer of real bible faith is a covenant interaction between God and Us in Jesus Name. If we bible like believe it, it will come to pass. Doubt is a sin as vile and as wicked as a thief. It is uglier than adultery and all fornications. It is even known in the bible as a murderer to the soul. It can also kill a prayer. It is that powerful.  It has this word of God attached to it..Romans 14:23...for whatsoever is not of faith is SIN. It also has this power attached to it....Mark 16:16...Those that do believe shall be saved. Those that believe not shall suffer loss of soul and freedom in damnation.
      Believers in Jesus Christ can be saved and forgiven of every sin in the book as long as they remain IN CHRIST JESUS by the justification of faith in Christ blood, death and resurrection and follow Christ Lordship in love. But Unbelievers have no hope for their sins to be forgiven because the power, not of their carnal sins, but the power of their hearts unbelief robs and condemns them.(See Hebrews 4:2)
      Faith can get our prayers performed, but unbelief can cause our prayers to be nothing more than a wishing on a wishing well. With even less hope than the tossing of the coin......What you are sure of be sure of in Christ Jesus. And keep pressing on in the spirit, love, and faith of Jesus Christ the Son of God. Let us grow in faith giving glory to God (Romans 4:16-25)....Romans 10:17..So then faith, real bible faith, comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. What do you listen to everyday?....deno....please share freely.