Monday, July 29, 2013

The CHIP for MARKING us is here. You need to know this information.....deno

       President Obama in his speech about OBAMACARE and about the increase of taxation upon wealthy corporations in America used the words, "And all of us are going to HAVE to CHIP IN". Watch the video below. There were more words in these words than meets the eye. We can never say that he did not for tell us of its coming, it was subliminal.  The RFID CHIP is ready. It is already manufactured and billions of them are now ready for their installment into the human body. The  amount of money that the powerful and the extreme wealthy have invested into this program is staggering and they will not relent on their investment. Thru political connections, in time, IT WILL BE ENFORCED ON ALL.
        As in all things that are darkness backed, it will be introduced to us all like the FRUIT was introduced to mankind in the Garden of Eden. Notice Satan did not tell Eve one negative thing that would happen if she ate and took in the fruit. All he told her was, Ahh it want hurt you. Those who tell you that are haters and the ones lying to you and withholding pleasant things from you. This fruit is Great, Sweet and Tasty. It is great for you and great for society. No harm in it whatsoever. It will makes us all ONE BIG HAPPY GLOBAL FAMILY with all its benefits. Just take it and you will see. Adam and Eve saw alright and it was DOWN HILL since the day they fell for the serpents deceiving tongue. Way DOWN HILL. A bottomless Pit.
        By the time the promoters of this product have groomed this CHIP in your eyes you will think its a cure for all humanities problems. A magical cancer curer. A uniter of hearts. The treatment for what ails the worlds problems -so making peace. At first it will appear this way. But it is Satan patiently fishing for the weak and unsuspecting. Like always he is using other creatures and other products other than himself to catch his prey. After much money has been spent to brainwash you into thinking how beneficial this CHIP is and will be, millions will first volunteer. They will say how WONDERFUL it is like it contains some kind of magical high. Then afterwards comes the legislation to enforce its intake on all. Soon there after comes one who smiles and tells the world, HI I AM THE WORLDS BESTEST FRIEND. Join me in making one the World And THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. The false Savior. His name is Lucifer in man. Laugh at these words if you want. Mark them. They are coming to pass even as we speak. When the legislation comes and it is voted as mandatory, it is then the blood of the saints begins to cry out unto God. The souls under the altar. Concentration Camps in America ? Ahh how could it be?  Oh foolish heart, he took the very garden of God  thru willing people. America he will take to. Today the willing and the betrayers are by the millions in this country....The question needs to be asked for all America to hear it's answer. Is the RFID CHIP written as legislation in the pages of OBAMACARE ????????? Pleas Fox News, ASK THIS QUESTION AND LET ALL OF AMERICA KNOW THE ANSWER.....
        Friends things are lining up just as Jesus for told us. I pray you will believe and love Jesus Christ unfailingly unto life everlasting. Jesus is the Answer. Jesus is THE TRUTH ....deno.....please share freely.