Friday, July 26, 2013

The Angels Know Your Great Worth To God......deno.......please share freely

       Do you ever feel worthless or of little value? Do you ever feel that no one really cares for you? Well Jesus loved you and valued you as so precious and important to God that He stepped out of He and His Fathers Throne to go to the Cross to ransom you with his own bodies life and sinless blood. ALL THE CREATION with all its vast gold, silver and riches cannot compare to the awing price that was paid by the Creator to ransom you. You are worth far more than you could ever naturally calculate. Now and in heaven the angels speak of you in great honor and respect saying, " Behold, there comes another that the KING HIMSELF went to the earth and became a man and died for. Let us serve them. Let us honor them......Amen.....deno