Monday, March 24, 2014

I Must Write These Words.....deno.....please share this important light.

       I must write these words.......John 18:3-6) 3) Then Judas who betrayed him, having received a detachment of troops, and officers from the CHIEF PRIEST, and PHARISEES, came to where Jesus was with lanterns, torches, and weapons.....
       In Jesus' first visitation to our world, right at the end of his first mission, so that scriptures would be fulfilled, he was betrayed and turned against by one of his own followers (Judas), and by the religious authority in Israel. High Priest and Pharisees withstood the Lord, even to the point of the Cross. Often times former things are shadows of true things to come. In 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 we find that right before the Lord comes again to take the Church to heaven with great power and glory, the Lord will be betrayed again by those who seemed to before follow him. Evidently these followed him with a distant heart.
        About Christ return, it says that the Lord does not return until certain things come to pass and one of those things was and is, He said in verse 2 of our Thessalonians scripture, that there would come a falling away from him, a falling away from the faith of Jesus Christ the truth, even also as a great compromise of the Cross of Christ. People for some reason lost patience, lost faith, and became confused to what is divine truth, being confused and mixed up by the spirit of AntiChrist subtle manipulations of peoples minds and of the belief structures of mens hearts all over the world.
        Note this important light. When elders of our church's around the globe begin to compromise the unchangeable truth that Jesus is Lord, the he is the Only Divine Truth who came to us FROM THE THRONE OF GOD. When these elders begin to tell the Church that God has many faces and fronts in this world such as Buddha, Mohammed, Harry Krishna, and all the religions of the world are of God, they have betrayed the Son Of God afresh and counted His blood and the sufferings He endured in the Cross as of little significance. They have blasphemed and lied against the Throne of God and He that sits exalted far above all at Gods Right Hand in the Throne. Buddha, Mohammed, Harry Krishna are not seated with God in the Throne. Gods Son Jesus Christ that He raised from the dead and exalted Him far above all names and things is. The rest are still in the graves full of dust.
       Such compromises as mentioned above and such as what 2 Thessalonians 2:3 says, tell us that these compromising and falling away things, gives place to the devil, and  prepares the world for the greatest of deceptions the world has ever seen. The Word also says the antiChrist, having been given great place by the great falling away and the great compromise, comes on the scene, on the worlds stage.......
        From now on follow the light in these words.......Let us all cleave with all our faith, hope, and love to Jesus Christ, and him crucified and risen from the dead. When Jesus wanted to SIDE STEP the Cross and cried about it with tears and with great drops of blood in the garden before his crucifixion on the Cross, the Father would not allow the Son to sidestep it. He would not allow Jesus to sidestep the Cross. Neither will God allow the world to sidestep the necessity of attaching their trust and faith to the blood of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and risen from the dead either.
       Jesus and him crucified for our sins and raised by God from the dead for our justification is the uncompromising gospel. God did not compromise the Cross of Christ for Jesus, neither will His Spirit let the world with religious fantasy side step the faith of Jesus Christ and His truth that is in the blood of His Cross. Satan's spirit would but not Gods Spirit. So BEWARE of this falling away of the elders of our Church's. Do not follow the betraying spirit of the antiChrist that was in Judas.....deno........please share freely.