Friday, March 21, 2014

The Blessing Of Christ Being Your Life, Your Eternal Salvation.....deno......please share freely

Words of truth to jump for joy about....

When Christ has become your life, your eternal salvation (Colossians 3:4) you then are as dead to the Law of sin and death and it's condemning power (Romans 8:2) just as much as Jesus (who is now your life) is now dead to death, it's sting, and to the grave everlasting. Can death or the grave ever touch Jesus again? NO NO NO. When He (Jesus has become your life-Colossians 3:4) You then have everlasting life and as long as Christ remains your life you will remain and live forever and death will never touch your spirit and soul.The second death is hell in the lake of fire......please share freely.....deno.