Thursday, June 26, 2014

God Responds To Faith.....deno.....please share freely.

     God reacts to faith.. If God reacted solely to needs then there would be no one lost, no one poor, nor hungry people on earth......I cried, griped, complained, and begged God over a certain matter and need for years. But the need was not met until I BELIEVED GOD FOR VICTORY OVER IT and stood on His promise.
       A man whose son was demon possessed lived in fear, tears and panic. That demon would often times take over his son fully and try to throw him into fire to kill him or into water to drown him. For a long long time that boy was in that demonic condition. Day after day the boys father cried, begged, cried, pleaded to the heavens and to men that some how his son would be delivered. But all those days, weeks, months, and maybe even years of all that begging, pleading, crying change nothing.
       Then one day the disciples (the church at the time) came into that mans village. He begged Peter, James, John to cast the devil out. They used the name of Jesus as they had been doing but this time they FAILED to move the demon out. This church spiritual failure sent the boys dad into a hopeless tizzy. He is crying, crying and crying. Then comes MESSIAH on the scene, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The man had heard of the glory of Jesus the Anointed One. The man runs up to Jesus. He is crying and begging for his sons deliverance. None of those tears nor all that begging moved Jesus to Power. Jesus could have said a thousand different things in that situation to that pleading, crying desperate begging dad. But one thing, just one thing was the solution and that one thing Jesus spoke it. He said, "All things are possible to him that believes".
      Tears themselves, though they touch the feelings of Christ, they do not move God to Power. Take a brief moment and really think about that. If they did the whole world and most every present home would be full of the Power of the Lord. Begging does not draw from God the Power. Desperation does not flow from the throne the Power of God. Jesus the Answer said Faith, the hearts believing is the key.
      Two men were crucified with Jesus, one on his right, the other man on his left. Both of them had the SAME NEED. They needed to be forgiven and saved. God had fully supplied those two needs thru the blood of His Son on that Cross who was right there next to the both of them. Their needs were fully met all they needed to do was lay holt on them. They had to do their part. They had to ask and RECEIVE what was ALREADY RIGHT NEXT TO THEM GIVEN BY GOD, by faith.
       Listen carefully here. Those two men crucified with Christ, well their pain, their desperation, their griping, their complaining, their tears saved neither one of them (THAT'S IMPORTANT LIGHT. I cannot emphasize how important that light is ). Only when that one man exercised HIS FAITH did then Jesus turn to him the Power of God unto salvation, ONLY THEN. Their pain and their sufferings and their cries and their tears did not move Jesus to Power. If such things could, then all the sick and all those in pain in this world would be healed. This is a sobering bible truth about the IMPORTANCE OF BELIEVING WHEN WE PRAY OR ASK.
       Strange though, of the two right there next to Jesus, only ONE ASKED AND RECEIVED and ended up saved. Both of them had the SAME PROVISION.  The other man had full access to the Savior as the other man did but he failed to lay holt. That man in his unbelief left this world empty of grace even though  he died with Jesus who was full of grace right next to him. He was so close but yet he died so far away. God was doing His part, shedding His redeeming blood on the cross. We have to do our part and Ask in faith to receive. The power is not automatically transferred. Not thru the need. Not thru the tears, not even thru the measure of pain as we see from the two thieves next to Jesus. The power of God unto all salvation's is activated THRU FAITH. 
      What can we learn from this? You can live bodily close to Jesus for years. You can walk 10 feet away from Jesus every day on earth. But if you do not put your hearts faith into the walk, that physical closeness shall profit you zero. It takes faith to receive and profit from God and His Son. That is spiritual Law (Hebrews 4:2) 
       The thief on the cross that did get saved that day turned to Jesus in faith and received the salvation of the Lord. The other man hung there griping and complaining and he received nothing, he died unsaved. All he had to do was in faith call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus to save him and he to would have been saved and been with Jesus in Paradise and not in hell. God responded to the man of faith but not to the man of complaints, THAT'S IMPORTANT. 
        Are we believers or are we complainers and those who murmur in this world????...Let us all BELIEVE GOD. Let us all be BELIEVING.....deno.....please share freely.