Monday, June 30, 2014

The Vision God gave me (Part 2)....deno.....please share freely.

      As I mentioned in the preface of the Vision in PART ONE, the Lord had opened my eyes and shared with me how that those 24 elders (that had built for them by God Himself) 24 thrones to sit upon round about the THRONE OF GOD, how that those people earned their places in glory thru choice, love, devotion, commitment, loyalty to the Lord thru the thick and thin, when it was popular and when it was not, THEY REMAINED STEADFAST AND SOLID IN SERVING THE LORD. In times of ease and comfort as well as in most trying times they served the Lord faithfully and did not deny His Name no matter the course of the world. 
     These 24 elders on those thrones of honor, their hearts affections were SET ON THINGS ABOVE where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Jesus and serving Him WAS THEIR FIRST LOVE and daily delight. They brought forth much fruit not of the will of the world, not of the will of man, but of God. Each one of them one day CHOSE, DECIDED to serve Jesus and commit their life and way unto him. They put their hands to the plow of that commitment and to the calling of God and stayed looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of their faith. Friends you can do the same. It's a choice.
       Well as I was deeply that day pondering such things, I thought to go lay down on my bed and rest awhile. I got up from my study desk and stretch out on my bed lying on my back. I was thinking of those 24 elders and those 24 thrones and other similar things...Then it happened. That which I did not expect happened and when it did I found myself in the Spirit of the Lord and His awing Power.
       I was laying there on my back when all of the sudden the Power of God and His Spirit came upon me. It was the most powerful experience that I have ever had with God. I have had from time to time, had certain grace experiences with the Lord but this one topped all the previous ones to date. When Gods Power came upon me I suddenly lost sight of the room I was in. My eyes became full of the power of God. My whole entire being became full of the power of God so much so that it felt like my every single cell was fully baptised in the Spirit of the Lord with tangible to the touch Power. God was the one in the control of this experience and for His reason He made sure I felt His Power flowing thru me during the entire experience and vision that was just ahead.
      When I tell you that I could not see the room that I was in I was not kidding. I could not even see my hands 5 inches in front of my face. Me and my whole room was buzzing with the Power of God. It was the most awesome feeling. What I did see when His Spirit came first upon me looked sort of like a TV station when it loses its signal and all you see are those millions of beady looking things glistening on the TV screen. And as for as feeling the Power. Recall with me when the women with  the issue of blood touched the helm of the Lords garment. What did Jesus say of that touch? He said that HE FELT THE POWER OF GOD FLOW FROM HIM....Well for some reason God was allowing me to FEEL THAT VIRTUE OF HIS FLOWING. It was one of the greatest feelings in my life that I have ever felt.
        Before I go further into sharing this experience with you I want you to know that I just wrote a whole lot more of this grace to share it with all of you and my PC AGAIN went crazy and I lost all that i just wrote. (FRUSTRATING). Seems like every time I sit down to share this vision and grace some weird things occur esp to my PC.
        It is like several months ago a man was coming over to my house to set up on by website the way so that my verbal sermons could be listened to on my website by others. Well on his way here he was in a car wreck and his vehicle totaled.
       So here I go again to complete this writing. And please please remember that I am nothing and I am not writing any of this so that you might think of me above what I am. I'm a man who has sinned maybe as much as all the manifold common sins of this generation. But I do have this in me. A planted in me burning desire to understand what has happened to us as believers in Christ and to our nation America? 
      Why and how has the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that our dad preached for the last 50 plus years, become a name of offense for so many in this In God We Trust Nation when for centuries it was all together POLITICALLY CORRECT  to believe on and call upon the Name of the Lord in America in every town, city, village, government platform, and state. Did Jesus wrong us to cause us to turn away from Him as the government has in this nation? Why do so many now fight against His Name and good news? Why do people fight to keep the Name of the Lord from being spoken publicly and His ways shut out of the public squares and His commandments out of the hearts of the children of this generation, when for centuries it was a joy and an honor to do so even in EVERY SCHOOL AND MOST EVERY UNIVERSITY FOR GENERATIONS  in America? 
       Sinners are called by God to seek after Him. That qualifies us all (including me and those like me) to the calling of seeking and you shall find. Jesus said, WHOSOEVER will let them come and drink from the waters of life freely....Well whosoever means whosoever. You, me and everyone.
        Folks when you see that your in a moral ditch personally and nationally, it's time to cry out unto the Lord. It does not take an Einstein to realize our nation is in trouble, serious trouble, and see that our morals have become the way old Rome when Rome fail, and of the lovers of pleasures, and of the ways of darkness more than the ways of God and love for the Lord. 
         Well in this Power of the Lord I felt the Spirit of Gods power flowing all thru me. It was literally the feeling like unto a rushing mighty wind flowing in all kinds of directions thru me. Round and round, up and down. this way, that way. It seemed as if it was flowing even thru the circulation path of all my veins of flowing blood. As I was tasting all this glory and grace I never lost self consciousness so to speak. I could think with my own mind and ponder and reason everything that was happening to me with my own soul and heart.
                                        *   *   *   *   *   *   *
          As I was in the feel and the taste of the Power of the Spirit which taste lasted all thru the Visions duration, I was free to think for myself, however my movements were under Gods control. I could not just get up and take off running away from the Lord. God had gripped me. I knew I was in His Hands. With the Power of the Spirit of the Lord flowing all thru me in all kinds of circulating type directions I suddenly noticed that the Power that was flowing all over the places within me suddenly shifted and moved like gears of machinery suddenly engaged to cause purposed forward movement. When this happened, I began to ascend in an upward motion. I thought I was literally floating upward, higher and higher, being lifted up in the Hand of the Power of God. As I was going thru this ascending feeling I could see nothing. My eyes were still in this strange glistening sight similar to a TV that suddenly loses its signal and goes off station and all you see are those millions of beady glistening things floating all around. In this blind sight, and in this ascending movement these words came crying out of me from the child like spirit within my heart. I began to say out loud, Lord Jesus, Im trusting you Jesus , Im trusting you Lord. Im trusting you Jesus, Im trusting You Lord. That's all I was saying and in the Power of God, not knowing what was about to happen to me I kept crying out those child like faith words. (What would you have done?).
      As I continued this upward flight, not knowing where I was going to end up in this, I became more and more aware of Jesus. I thought that maybe I was about to see the Lord even face to face. I did not know, but I did know that something of the Lord was happening to me but where he was taking me in this I had no idea. I was not in control of any of this. The Father who lives within us-ward who believe, He was doing the work according to His plan and according to His purpose......Continued on the next part of this writing in Part 3. I don't want to lose this writing in my PC again. So I will go ahead and publish this part 2 now.....thank you for your patience.....deno.......share freely.