Friday, June 27, 2014

Warning PG 13...Does This Truth Offend You?????....please share freely....deno.

Warning: Rated PG 13...
      Not throwing stones here but to open eyes and to make us rethink our traditional position of things I write this....Would a man of God rock his body back and forth on a stage in front of the whole world of men and women and children as he sang CC Rider?????...Would a man of God grab his private in front of people including kids that he knows is watching as he sings an unholy song????? Would either men do this before God if they were sent by God???? What Master would approve of such behavior??? What prince would you say they served? The Prince of light in righteousness and holiness, or the prince of darkness and sin??? 
     Funny how those who do the devils will have great looks and deceiving smiles and talents. Satan uses them to promote his wicked agenda against people, nations, and the world. The world is being more and more prepped by these types of people that the world loves and adores and idolizes for the coming stage of the adoring of the AntiChrist....Does this glaring truth offend your spirit? You may then need to do like I have had to and stop and listen to the real Holy Spirit and not the spirit that delights in the wonders and pleasures and glamor of sin and darkness....Go back and re read Ephesians chapter five......deno....please share freely.