Friday, June 27, 2014

Gods Paradise is Paradise because of Love.....deno....please share freely.

     Heaven is Paradise because in heaven they all really, truly love each other with godly serving hearts and by the affections of Gods Spirit in them. You can have the most beautiful homes in a rich and wealthy community. You can have beautiful flowing fountains, the finest automobiles, and the most pleasant flower gardens and beautiful golf courses, but if the heart of the people there think little of others, gossip all the time, criticize others, look down on the lesser vessels. If they are two faced, lying people. Proud and arrogant people. Unloving and ungodly. Then you are a community that the devil will use in another temptation saying to the tempted , "All this community with all its splendor and glory will I give you for it was made of me and my ways and I share it with all who will first bow down and serve me in this world that I'm the ruler of, just bow down and gossip like the rest of these here and do as they do....
     Yes such a beautiful splendorous looking community whose peoples hearts are wicked, and evil, ungodly, and unloving is no paradise at all but a deceiving cesspool compared to the paradise of heaven where all there really love one another with Christ equalizing love and humility.........deno.