Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Must Ask. We Must Believe......deno.....please share freely.

      All our needs were all together paid for in full in the Cross of Christ and supplied in the great outpouring of Jesus Christ. The need of salvation was met at the Cross. The need of peace was paid for at the Cross. The need for life everlasting was met at the Cross. The need of the forgiveness of sins was paid for in full at the Cross. All the children's bread and all our needs, whether spiritual, or physical, or material were met in the poured out provision power of God at the Cross of Christ. He died to meet EVERY KIND OF NEED, to the measure of life and that more abundantly..
      Yet though all this is TRUE, have you noticed yet that all these needs Jesus paid for are not automatically transferred  and poured on us all. Not even one of them is an automatic transaction from Gods hands of power to our hands of need. If it was automatically transferred from Gods hands to ours then ALL and I do mean all the world then  WOULD BE SAVED (for that is Gods explicit will 1st Timothy 2:3,4). But the truth of the matter is only those who BELIEVE BENEFIT. Yes Jesus is our total and complete answer for all our needs. But unless we PLUG INTO HIS POWER & PROVISIONS  by the attaching force of faith, He said then we receive not....
      Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. What are your heart and ears attached to most of the day????? Faith comes not by the voices of this world or by the things of the world, but by hearing and hearing the Word of God......deno.....please share freely.