Monday, June 30, 2014

The Vision God gave me beginning (Preface-Part 1)....deno....please share freely.

     During a time when I was spending much time seeking God and studying His word, I was hanging around the verses in the book of Revelations that spoke of the 24 elders that sat on thrones round about the throne of God (Rev 4:4). During this focus the Lord shared with me how these men EARNED THESE positions by their dedication, loyalty, and by their commitment to the works God called them to in Christ. All are called he said. The whole world has been invited and each persons response is fully noted and fully measured for the advantages of gain or for the discomforts of loss.  He shared with me how each one of them (each one of those 24 elders sitting on those 24 thrones of high in heaven honor) how they like all of us have,  had the freedom to follow the Lord, follow Him CLOSELY, whole heartedly,  fully devoted, near my God to Thee, or lukewarmly, slightly committed, at a distance or even to walk away. The choice like always WAS THEIRS. They chose to love, to serve, and to live SO SO SO CLOSE to the Lord while on the earth and that committed love life carried on into their eternity still so close to Jesus around the THRONE OF GOD.
      CHOICE, CHOOSING. It has always been that way, even from the beginning until this day, God says to us all, Choose, Choose, Choose you this day whom you will love and serve. They (those 24 highly honored elders on those thrones next to Jesus in glory....note the word seats there in the greek is the word THRONES) they chose life and blessing and not the path of death and of cursings. With all their heart, thru the thick and thru the thin THEY CHOSE to LOVE, SERVE AND OBEY GOD no matter what happened in this world. Hated or loved, their hands remained on the plow of their work and faith in the Lord.
         They to, by life or under drawing away alluring's of this world and life, they could have said the cost is to great and served themselves in this life instead of Jesus. Or in diverse temptations they could have resisted the devil and resisted the world and CHOSE to live all for the truth, or to hide their light under a bushel and just come out on Sundays or just on religious days, or that they could have in fear hid that which was invested unto them from the Lords hand, but instead they gave Jesus their all and fullest devotion and brought forth much much fruit that endured into eternities life and glory unto great reward. And that their thrones round about the throne of God signals to all for all their eternity of their great reward. For how they greatly loved and served God and men in His Sons Name Jesus Christ.
       Church, these 24 thrones, these positions Jesus wants us all to know THEY WERE EARNED. These positions were appointed to those who the Father said in His divine searching of what was in the hearts of men were worthy of such high honor and reward in the paradise of God. That each one of them on their own had to one day DECIDE to live and follow and serve the Lord so dearly. Friends God has proven and has always allowed man to choose for himself who he will obey and serve. This is truth. This is scriptural. This has always been even in the garden of Eden.
       Acts 2:17) And it shall come to pass in the LAST DAYS saith the Lord, that I will pour out of MY SPIRIT upon all those who believe in every nation on earth. By My Spirit saith the Lord, your sons and daughters shall proclaim my message. Your young men shall have VISIONS and you older men shall have DREAMS from the Spirit of the Lord.
     That evening some of that scripture we just covered in Acts was going to come to pass in my life. Why me? The Lord only knows. There certainly is nothing special about deno. I'm as strange as they come yet so accustomed to the sins and the ways of our nation today. I to have often strayed off the path of righteousness. I to have been tempted and many times fallen in the temptations. My life has been a life of almost dabbing into everything just to see and experience it's high or it's common thrill. Yet this one thing I did have going for me. I had two believing Jesus loving parents that loved me and prayed for their son often and that in tears. Plus God, the God we all in Christ are in awe of and more learning to love and to serve, HE HAD HIS AGENDA and PLAN. He has His plan for me. He has His plan for you, and He has His plan for us all as One in Christ.
     That evening He was going to do something of His grace that would be sown in me until the day of it's showing in accordance to His divine timing and plan.  Truly I can say, I am nothing without Christ and if I do become anything for His honor and glory in this generation I am what I am and I become what I become ALL BY THE GRACE AND SPIRIT OF THE LORD. For folks I do not have anything naturally special in me. I have to have Gods grace and power and He working in me mightily or the tree is less barren of  the fruit. 
      Grace, Grace Gods Grace, Grace that is greater than me and all my sins....It is not those that commend themselves who are anything, but those whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies, and the Lord himself commends and anoints. Remember with me when it came Moses' hour, Moses did not want the job. God had to encourage and convince Moses that he was the man.
       Friends so often it is men and women like that that spring up amongst us in this world who by God are full of grace, full of Gods power, gifts, talents,  and gospel message. God chooses these type of people so that the excellency of the Power would clearly be of God and not of the natural talents in men....Friends I still tremble at the thoughts of this vision...deno....well I wrote this much thus far to hopefully let you see some of this grace and light i will be writing about of the Vision....stay tuned. I will continue this writing soon in part 2....deno...Jesus Is Lord and He is the reason for this season.....please share freely.