Friday, December 19, 2014

Comfort Zion WIth Words Of Truth.....deno.....share freely.

         Comfort Zion with words of truth. Those who thirst give them living water to drink and those who hunger give them the bread of life. Those who are rejoicing, rejoice with them, and those who are strong join in their strength. Let the wondering soul be shown the guidance of My  light and let those that walk astray feel the Shepherds hook. He that is in the wrong, Correct with the Truth and  she that refuses let her heart feel the sharpness of My Sword. For the earth is filled with a madness to sin and to do so without restraint, and the pulpits upon the hills burn for their refusal to rebuke. The hour of My Fire has come....Jesus Is Lord.
           A man of mercy must be merciful and a woman so forgiven must keep no record of any wrong. He that is merciful shall obtain the mercy of the Lord, and she that forgives keeps undone her own past guilt and shame. Let not a  man or womans sins re-congregate...Forgive All......deno.....share freely.