Sunday, December 21, 2014

Let Us Return Unto The Lord And He Will Have Mercy Upon Us. And Unto Our God For He Will Abundantly Pardon Us.......deno....share freely

      Isaiah the fore telling prophet, fore seeing by the Spirit of the Lord the Cross of Christ, it's purposes, and the peoples reactions to their visitation from the Lord, he wrote, "All we like sheep have GONE ASTRAY, each one of us following our on dreams, and the Lord hath laid on Jesus the blow to bring us back (Isaiah chapters 53,54). He also wrote, We thought that Jesus was stricken by God for blaspheme because He said He was the Son of God, but oh the opposite was the real truth. He was stricken and wounded for OUR SINS & INIQUITIES. For the transgressions of His people Christ was stricken and crucified, nor for himself. For concerning Himself He never sinned one transgression. Holy is His Name and so matching that Name is to all His record. Even as the people themselves testified of Jesus saying, This man doeth all things well. Jesus sinned not.
       But all of us Isaiah said went away from the Lord, and most of us and Israel had left the Lord by deceptions, or by our own choice having loved this present world, fleeing from the presence and grace of the Lord. Then Isaiah said the GRACE OF GOD GOOD NEWS,  he wrote, "and the Lord laid on Jesus this iniquity of us all."(THE RECONCILING BLOW).
         By the cross God planned to win us back and to bring us back as we recognize the great love that the Cross of Christ magnifies to us from heaven, from the throne of God. I came down from heaven Jesus said, to do My Fathers Will...THE CROSS.....And concerning the the Cross of Christ, Christ went from His Throne in glory to the Cross on earth all because GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, every man and woman, every boy and girl....John 3:16-17.
        In the day of Israels face to face visitation from the Lord of heaven, Jesus found that many of the children of Israel had left the way of the Lord. Their hearts were FAR FROM HIM although they were ROBED IN RELIGION & IN RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS filled with man made up oracles that had become MORE ESTEEMED by elders of Israel more than the actual Word of the Lord. They were so far off the correct PATH that they were blind from their pulpits down. They were so lost and so far gone astray that Jesus testified to this fact, as He called them the lost sheep of the house of Israel, having elders who are blind making them all fall into the ditch for their lack of needful sight. 
        They were so far away  from the Lord that even when the Lord himself was right in their midst visiting them face to face with Power and healings and miracles that no other man ever did, that the scripture records their response,  "He came unto His own but His own did not receive Him." Like Jesus said to the woman of Samaria, "Woman if you only knew who it was that was speaking to you." And to others He cried, Behold a greater One than Solomon is here." And in John He said, I am not of this world for I came down from heaven. These words they chewed on but spat out.
        What did they end up doing to their Lord that had come to visit them as the scriptures fore told he would and to do them good?  They mocked and scoffed at him and they crucified him with hammer and nails upon that Cross and they beat and whipped Him with rods and with the whips of their rejection from their blindness that had been formed by Satan within them (John 8:44).  
       And what was Gods response to them for nailing His Son to the Cross and for laying the Lord (His Son) aside to follow vanities in blindness? Well in the midst of the fiery darts that they shot at Him from their rejection, one day the Lord rose up as like unto His glorious rising as the King of kings upon heavens throne positioned on earth and made THE KINGS DECREE. He said to them face to face, Behold Oh Israel, fasten your attention on these words for YOUR HOUSE is now left you desolate. In other words empty of the Lords presence. Shortly thereafter the curtain of the old covenant He tore in twain from top to bottom, which also IN PART signifying that God was tearing up HIS OLD CONTRACT WITH THEM, like unto how the kingdom was torn away from king Saul and given unto another and only a remnant in Israel was to this day called THE FOUND OF THE LORD, but the Gentiles found Him mightily and His grace was multiplied to all the other nations of the earth, even to this day. 
      But is there hope for Israel WHO CRUCIFIED THE LORD IN UNBELIEF? Is there hope for any people, who even were cut off from the Lord and grace and struck with such wrath that their lives were disassembled, their safety net removed, and their security rattled to the core because of their sins and unbelief? For behold oh Israel the Lord said, Your house is now left you desolate, meaning empty of the Lord. And you shall not see me again, not until you cry, blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord. Well the answer is in those words. Yes there  is hope for people,  if they will return unto Him and Cry about Jesus, Blessed is Jesus who came to us in the Name of the Lord.
        And if they or any of us that left the Lord for the world, for the pleasure of sins and of vanity, or from being deceived, if we come to our senses and Gods senses and cry those words unto the Lord from the heart, HOW CLOSE can we come back unto Him after all that embarrassing ugly and pig like mess our foolishness and turning away from the Lord got ourselves into? How will He treat us? Will He say to us, NO? Will He say to us,  Come this close but no further? Would the Lord draw a line like that?  We learn from the scriptures that HE WOULD NOT DRAW SUCH A LINE. Praise be to God.
       We learn that He would not but would show amazing grace and love upon that soul. In Luke 15:11-31, vs 19-20 Jesus taught about the foolish son of a great father. He taught that that son seemed to have an itch for sin and for thing of the flesh, and for the world. That son having that itch, we he got to the heart place that he just had to have that itch scrateched. That son took his inheritance, he left his fathers great house, and lost it all thru wild, unrestrained, unwise, and irresponsible living,
       Well after loosing it all, having no more food or comforts above a pigs style life style, such broke he and his hard headiness down and he cried wanting to return home. He takes off on his journey home, which is every time folks, the journey of the heart and not so much the feet. Coming back home from being before FAR  FROM GOD, his Great Father  sees him and takes off RUNNING to His Son with NO LINES DRAWN to the embrace or to the measure of the return unto God. Jesus said, that the Father (God) sees the heart of His lost son returning to Him and the Lord takes off RUNNING, he takes off RUNNING TO His child and even PUTS HIS LOVING ARMS AROUND HIM and kisses his child on the cheek and pours out all His love UPON HIS RETURNED SON in the form of all HIS BEST and honors His son or daughter that has returned home to Him from FAR AWAY DISTANCES in HIS BIGGEST AND BEST GRACE FILLED WAY. For He that went to the Cross for this son, well His feet hurt no more. He runs to show us HIS LOVE IN FULL LOVE OF GOD STRIDE. Friends our God and Savior is SO GOOD.
       Also we find in Zechariah 10:1-12  Gods response to the house of Judah, and the house of Joseph who had become the house of desolation, empty of the Lord because THEY HAD CAST HIM OFF. He said in verse 6). The Lord Himself Speaking said, And I will strengthen Judah, and I will SAVE the house of Joseph, and I will bring them again (THE RECONCILIATION) TO THIS POSITION & PLACE THEM AGAIN in My Vineyard. For I will HAVE MERCY upon them; this mercy shall be SO GREAT that before Me they and things between us SHALL BE AS THOUGH THEY NEVER WENT ASTRAY, AND AS IF THEY WERE NEVER CAST OFF FROM ME WHEN I REBUKED THEM IN MY ANGER AGAINST THEM BECAUSE OF THEIR SINS AND UNBELIEF.  FOR I AM THE LORD, and I will hear the cry of their hearts and I WILL HAVE MERCY.
       I so like that. God is able AND WILLING and WANTS all PEOPLE that are far from Him and that have GONE ASTRAY to cry unto Him. He wants them to Call upon His Name saying BLESSED IS JESUS WHO CAME TO US IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. He want us to return unto Him with our hearts, no matter whether we are sitting on the pews of the sanctuary, or on the bar stools in Sin & Satans play grounds. He wants our hearts to come home, for it is not what the lips always say that honors the Lord, and IT IS NOT the place or location of a persons body;  BUT WITH GOD THE TRUE TRUTH OF EVERY MAN IS ALL ABOUT THE HEART and the heart of every man GOD READS PERFECTLY. He wants us all to RETURN to HIM with all our hearts, with all our hearts whether broken, shattered, wounded, or that has even suffered in the past a faith heart attack, so that He can show us His love, and pour out His GRACE & KINDNESS upon us and honor us as though we never had gone astray as written in Zechariah 10:6, and in the story of the prodigal son that Jesus taught us.  Folks, truly God is Love and God is a good and gracious to all that call upon His Name the Name of Jesus Christ..Just like He promised us in Isaiah 55:6-7) vs 6) Seek the Lord while He may be found, CALL UPON HIM while He is near. vs7) Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts of to do evil, and let him RETURN unto the LORD, and THE LORD WILL HAVE MERCY UPON HIM, and LET US RETURN UNTO OUR GOD, for He will ABUNDANTLY PARDON US......Jesus Is Lord......Amen.....please share freely with someone you love and that may need these restoring words. God Bless You in Jesus Name.....deno.