Monday, December 22, 2014

And War Broke Out In Heaven. Americas Present Conflict......share freely....deno

        Revelations 12:7) And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels (angels of the Lords army) fought against the dragon (the devil), and the dragon (the devil) fought and his angels (evil spirits) 8) And the devil lost the war though it was fierce for a while, neither was their place found anymore in heaven (they were cast out).....The next thing we notice is that Satan (the devil) was cast out of heaven to the earth and then we read in Revelations 12:13.17 that the devil makes war with the Jews and the reads) vs 13) And the devil persecuted the women (the Womb of Mary and of Israel) who gave birth to the Christ, vs 17) And the dragon (the devil) was enraged at the woman (who gave birth to the Christ on earth) and he went to make war against her offspring which keep the commandments of God and against those who believe and follow Jesus Christ (the Church).
         Now lets back up and read Revelations 12:9-12) All these scriptures above and the ones we are about to read below help explain and help clarify to us all this AntiJesus activity going on in America and in other nations today.
          Revelations 12:9-12) And the dragon (the devil) after losing the war he waged against God in heaven, he was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan which deceives the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his evil spirits were cast out also with him ( these are the spirits we wrestle with as told in Ephesians 6:10-18).  Revelations 12:10) And then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation and the kingdom of our God, and of THE POWER OF HIS CHRIST; for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before God day and night. 11) And they (THE ACCUSED ONES) overcame him by THE BLOOD of the LAMB, and by the confession of their faith in the Christ, and they stayed faithful and true to Jesus even unto their death. 12) Therefore rejoice (let there be a joyful celebration in the heart) by the saints and the angels in heaven, and by the people (the Christians) that dwell on the earth. There is always a great feeling when victory is won over the devil whether a personal triumph or a group triumph. But we must always be wise to the second round of the battle. As it is written, And left the devil left Jesus to return later.
      (Now after that celebration comes another warfare warred against the church. A storm of persecution rises against the Jews and the Christians on the earth). vs 12).....Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you FEAR FILLED, IN PANIC, and IS VERY ANGRY, because he knows that he has only a short time left. (short time left before his burn in the fire of the wrath of the Lord against him).
         Satan right now is in panic mode. He is feeling the anxiety and the stress and pressure of the fact that he can tell that he only has a short time left before the Angel comes and imprisons him within the torments prepared for him due to his rebellion against 100% True Love and against 100% Unselfishness- against God. This is the main reason for all this hostility in America in the present hour of the conflict that has risen against the Name and faith of Jesus Christ. 
       It is alarming how America (the saints here) does not understand the deep depths of Satan inside this nation at this hour from the top down though the devils pack and their works are masqueraded every where, being very obvious, and even with all in your face boldness. 
       There is satanical stealth going on all over this nation to crack, remove, and to break apart the spiritual foundations and the pillars of Christ and of Christianity in this country that America was founded upon and that has been the strength of our nation for a hundreds of years. If Satan can bring down Christianity in America where the light of the faith of the Son of God has been the brightest that the world has ever know since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, if he can prevail here, the negative domino effect of that will strike all the nations of the world and they will scream for GIGANTIC HELP....Guess who shows up them? You got it, THE ANTICHRIST HIMSELF.....
        Pray in Jesus Name Always. Pray in Jesus Name for the Peace of Jerusalem and Pray for America that we resist the devil to the degree that he loses here as he did in heaven. Our nation can still be GOD FAVORED if we cast the devil out as God did in heaven. Jesus said, take My Name and in My Name cast the devil out. The Lords name is the only name that can stop the devil in his tracks and cast him out. That is the core reason why all this hostility against the use of the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST  in present America. Political correctness is substance of AntiChrist weaponry and material.
       But friends, VICTORY over the devil will not happen by a whisper or the way of sugary sweet Christianity that has no real courage. We must become mighty men and women of valor in the Spirit and in the natural, strong in faith, strong in the Lord and in the power of His Name, Might and Strengths that the devil is no match for. We must be believers that are believing and that know our God and we do exploits in HIS NAME. Remember in our scriptures that a war, a conflict, ca major battle broke out in heaven, in the spiritual heavenly places of God. We are going to have to become spiritual warfare intense in the Spirit, in prayer and in our onward march in Christ Jesus. If we do, then while the devil is in severe panic on the earth, WE AS STRONG CHRISTIANS ARE IN SEVERE HAPPINESS AND REJOICING for the Joy of the Lord is our strength and we know that our great redemption draweth nigh. Resist the devil (correctly) and he will flee from you is an unbreakable scripture. Gods truth and integrity backs it. And Jesus said, But when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth? Ephesians 6:16 tells us that FAITH will quench every attack and work of the devil no matter how fiery or enraged it is...Jesus Is Lord. Do everything in HIS NAME PAUL SAID..Paul understood why.....deno......share....freely.