Saturday, December 20, 2014

Latter Rain Prayer. Please Pray This Prayer with Us.....Thank you...deno.....share freely.

Please join us in this prayer.....

       Father in Jesus Name, let these days on earth be days where our cups overflow with the Presence and Spirit of the Lord and great grace upon us all. Cause these days to be the days of the latter rain of the riches of Christ glory and grace where our hearts overflow with the Spirit of the Lord in great oneness of heart and of mind with Christ our all in all.  Make us Your church the fountain of God on earth from which flows the Living Waters of the the Spirit of the Lord as mighty rivers Christ love, joy, of life and of healing, and of restorations and refreshing's from the Lord Presence and replenishments of faith that flows far beyond our banks into every heart, every home, every street, every town and city, every state, thru out our entire nation and to the four corners of the earth. With this flood of Gods glory and of Christ living waters of life, grace, and of salvation give us a GREAT & MIGHTY NET where by billions of souls are fished with YOUR GLORIOUS GOSPEL and caught and brought into the kingdom of God everlasting. In Jesus Name Amen.