Friday, December 19, 2014

Fire From The Spirit Of The Lord.....deno.....share freely.

         Fire from the Spirit of the Lord.......The Lord said I will strip the blinders off of My children and off the eyes of the world so that every soul will come face to face with the honesty of the real truth that God sees of the heart. The real love of every persons heart shall be revealed as fire purifies and brings to surface the true gold. No layers of lies or fronts shall be able to hide or cover up what God is piercingly after in that hour, for in that hour are the judgements of His scrutiny. The true truth and the true love of every persons heart shall be revealed.
        Friends because of all this truth and fire, let us give thanks that Christ blood hides the multitude of sins. Only His Precious Blood does so.....Without Christ blood cleansing us of all unrighteousness we are all totally stripped and naked that day and all our sins and heart impurities exposed for sight, for judgement, and for sentencing.
        LET US THANK GOD FOR THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF CHRIST OUR PASSOVER LAMB. His Blood Hides The Multitude Of Sins. This to is why Peter called Christ Blood Precious and our salvation by His Blood a So Great Salvation. The Lord will not embarrass His own. Now that is GOOD NEWS for the believers, but the fire against the unbelievers leaves them in grief, in sorrow, in weeping with gnashing of teeth......deno.....share freely.
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