Friday, December 19, 2014

Angels Super Rejoice Factor......deno.......share freely.

          If you have a whole lot to repent about that you have gathered up against you over the years, well you then qualify for some GREAT NEWS. Jesus said, those that are forgiven much LOVE MUCH. They love the Lord that had great compassion on them even more. And His word also assures us of this truth also. Angels super rejoice when the chiefest of sinners repent and believe the gospel and return unto the Lord.    
          I'm praying for the meanest, even the most in the dark atheist, the most vicious, ruthless, wildest, and baddest monsters of men and women to repent and believe the good news that is in Christ Jesus and return unto the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirits Power and Love. We and the world need such love that would be there's. What great testimonies shall the world here of such grace filled conversions bringing glory to the Lord our Redeemer...So Be It Father in Jesus Name. Please join us in this prayer.....deno.....share freely.