Monday, January 19, 2015

For The Pulling Down Of Strongholds......deno.....share freely

........A powerful demonic spirit of disobedience has come against the American people since the 50s. This evil spirit is the spirit of lawlessness sent to start an unraveling of what used to be the moral fortresses or righteous strongholds of Christ in America that used to be strong in our nation.
........Any time a nation that is of God raised (not perfect but graced and graced formed) or God formed, if that nation comes undone, it usually is a purpose driven satanical attack and operation. Strong temptation is their first weapon, because they HAVE TO BE GIVEN PLACE or PERMISSION by PEOPLE to do so. Those demonic wicked spirits, or their rebellion, or the sin that they are pushing and peddling so to speak, have to be first WANTED and then WELCOMED, even if all their operation is under radar, done in stealth, or by deception.
........They (those sent and also commissioned evil spirits) do not come in their true form but most of the time when sent on a BIG OPERATION they, knowing the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes factor, the pride of life and knowing the present mans sinful responses, (having watched the fall of even the holiest of Gods kings and people over the centuries thru diverse temptations) they hide behind lies, serpents, vessels, even man made THINGS (idols) and now often times they are behind, on the side of, connected to, or even inside the MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES or THE MOST ATTRACTIVE talented men and women that they promote on the worlds stages built for worship.
.........These men and women that they stand within, next to, or stand behind (depending upon the allowed depths that they are permitted by that person to penetrate into them or into their life) those people they USE have to first yield to their use knowingly or unknowingly. Those vessels yield or permit those wicked spirits to use them by their own welcoming spiritual signs seen in the heart and souls realms of sinful lust or desire for sinful pleasure or self worship, self exaltation, or by self idolizing. By their strong drive for worldly fame and fortune, for abnormal attention and praise from people few or many, these hearts usually possess a greater measure of the pride of life and that drives them to stand out for attention great or small.
.......That mentioned above is all included in Satans spirit and sin that cost him eventually everything, the spirit of self worship, self exaltation, one is ones own god, ones own idol or thing to be worshiped, which is a  strong inner drive in ones heart and soul wanting abnormal attention from others as to be praised by the masses whether in heaven or on earth and will do all kinds of things to get that ATTENTION whether those things or that behavior be good or bad. It is a front to God and to His love and holiness.
.........The movie and music industry are full of these willing vessels filled with or connected to these wicked seducing sensual spirits that have connected themselves to or have entered often undetected into these people who have such an abnormal itch to be idolized, praised, and worshiped by few or by many. Their moves, their music, their movies are Satan built and Sin laced to spread evil in sweet and nice forms like a disney worlds face on it, or a sweet looking boy or girl filled with alluring magical powers in the movies, or the most wicked, sensual, violent, seductive straight in your face moves, movies and music and bodily movements that show forth the vilest of sins in pleasure or violent forms without measure or little restraint.
......This abnormal sinful lust, darkness loving, and self idolizing spirit, has become now so FORMED, so rooted in the heart and soul of the people in America that now people by the thousands into the millions VOLUNTARILY buy the TICKETS to PARTICIPATE in that sin and in the rebellion. And IN THE FACE AND IN THE EARS OF THE HEARING GOD, GOD EVEN HEARS THEM WILLINGLY SAY, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUUNNN TONIGHT.
....... In the heavenly realm of those that watch all men, Satan the accuser of the world and of the church says to Jesus, Jesus they do so WILLINGLY and listen, they even call it their fun, a GOOD TIME, even their pleasure. Like Jesus said of many in his days on earth, people love and prefer darkness more than light. So it is in the end time generation.
........ Try not to go, try not to participate in going to that certain Satan and Sin laced movie that all your friends and all of America is calling a MUST SEE. Try not going to that sin filled, sin waiting to happen party or dance. Try not to go to that rock, country, or pop concert, or try not to listen to or buy that certain kind of music AND SEE what happens on the inside of you. You may be surprised. You may find something that seems like a bad attitude with a strange voice fighting you TO GO, to go get yours. You may find A SOMETHING in you CRAVING A FIX that is not of an illegal substance or drug, but what has become what most call today NORMAL BEHAVIOR in America but the real heavenly truth is, it is of demonic sinful rebellious substance or spirits works and formations in the people of this nation and in our society.
........ God and the things of Jesus Christ USED TO BE THE MAJORITY THING THAT WAS FORMED IN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and IN OUR SOCIETY (See Galations 4:19-kjv), but since the attack of that powerful entity of Satan that was sent in the 50s to allure, press upon, upend Jesus Christ, holiness, goodness, righteousness and to destroy the family unit, to over crowd the womans holy entrance, and to remove the convictions of the bible and the bible out of the American people using all sensual and seductive means necessary, that of God and Jesus Christ formation has been shattered and now most have gone wild and are possessed or inwardly laced with the substances of that evil spirit of disobedience that is in the spirit of rebellion. It even is reaching deep into the church members hearts and behavior for it was church members themselves even back in the 50s that laid down the power, the salt and compromised and many of them under his spell even said one that was evil was a GOOD THING for he looked SO SWEET.
.........And now, it's all on and in the American people every where. The great SALT FORMATION that was once SO STRONG in this Nation has lost its seasoning, preserving flavor and strength, and what has happened is exactly what Jesus said about salt that has lost its flavor and seasoning. It becomes good for nothing he said, and men gather that worthless salt, cast it out and people run over it.
............The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life those wicked, sensual, seducing SENT BY SATAN evil spirits know very well how to tickle, inflame and to appease. It starts with a demonic hiss or a hey usually from common interest or a beautiful face that is interested or loves the sin, loves the self idolizing spirit and path that possesses them or rules their hearts and mind for sins gain or advantages over the prey. Once that Satanic way and welcomed rebellion is formed into those vessels(people), these most beautiful and most talented people often times even graced, or laced, or sprinkled by the devil knowingly or not, they end up on the worlds stage somewhere great or small, in demonic settings that has been built first in the spirit world for a form of praise and worship of that person and the spirits that are in them, or that promote them, to tempt the world to join them happily in their sin pleasures and rebellion. The crowd says it all. The women go lusting crazy for the men and the men can't wait to feast upon the offerings to even more crowed the holy entrance of the willing sinful SACRIFICES of the willing lionesses.
........ It often times starts there, then the wicked spirits enter and increase in numbers in the willing, but most of the time they enter unsuspecting prey or as unnoticed by those they take captive to all kinds of sin addictions, even perversions of the most abnormal kinds.
........In closing this light I remind you of this. Jesus said, when a wicked spirit is cast out of a person, that wicked spirits goes walking about in dry places seeking rest (which means seeking satisfaction or its particular sinful pleasure or fix) but he finds none. So in its starvation for that sin or rebellion style fix, it BACK TRACKS to the place where he was cast out. That wicked spirit looks at its former lodging place and to his surprise, he finds THAT PERSON MISSING that way or that strange company within his or her self. This means also that that wicked spirit SEES a WELCOME sign on the door. It doesn't even need to knock like Jesus has to for the door to be opened for that wicked spirit sees that it is already OPEN. That person wants it that way. That person would go and VOLUNTARILY buy a ticket WILLINGLY to again participate in that sin or pleasure or in that demonic formation of rebellion that was once in that person for maybe even years. We talk about it like this, we say it seems like I'm missing something that I'm used to having or being on the inside. So that person misses it but really most have no idea it is the company of a wicked spirit and his ways that he used to use that person for, to gets its kicks or sinful fix in its rebellions against God and against the holy order and holy ways of God and of heaven.
.........Well that wicked spirit sees that that person missing that way, wants to return to the things it was before delivered form, like missing an old habit or sinful delight or pleasure. The stage is set again. The wicked spirit sees he is welcomed, he needs no forced entry or deceptive entry this time, but he does not stop there (The willing and the obedient to Satan and to sin can also eat the good side of evil as well at least on earth for a while). Jesus said that wicked spirit that lives purposely to defy and disgrace God and tear at his heart at their preying on the souls of people, with that drive also in his mind, he goes and calls 7 more demons more wicked than he is and together they enter that person, that soul and Jesus said that person ends up in worse shape at their end than in their beginning....And then Jesus said the huge monumental statement of truth, He said SO SHALL IT BE OF THE END GENERATION.
.........Almost the whole end time generation Jesus said, this same activity will be going within them . It will be happening them, and they will be possessed by it reality and operations. FOLKS like the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Americas moral pudding today is made up mostly of the sinful wicked ingredients of that powerful entity that was sent by Satan back in the 50s and what is strange now about all that evil spirits works and formations in most of the American people today is that this generation LOVES THAT TASTE OF SATANS PRESENT PUDDING.
.......The younger generation is sitting at the devils table and they cant get enough of Satans pudding called sin and rebellion against God and Jesus Christ. They love, crave, and are addicted to the pleasures of sin and they are fascinated with the things of Satan and with the entertaining tings of darkness knowingly or unknowingly. All this if now FORMED in this generations children of America.
........And friends I'm not here writing to tell you a lie as to say things will get better in America. They want without the church getting serious and seriously engaging in spiritual and political warfare. This is a demonic STRONGHOLD now deeply woven and deeply rooted in this present generation. It will not if this formation is not undone and those spirits over come and cast out and their strongholds in America pulled down or fallen under the feet of the treading over them strong faith filled saints who believe on the Name of Jesus Christ and its far above all authority and power. This great overcoming surely can come for all things are possible with God and to those that believe. But the overcoming has to, must begin withing the church itself. We must denounce the secret besetting sins and the hidden things of darkness that we are holding on to in the dark in our luke warm worship and approach to God. Only by this can those dry bones live to love again and that old worthless SALT be resurrected in America to be THE NEEDED SALT for this great move of God prayed for and this overcoming of Satans power on earth thru the saints. Both God and Satan use people to do their wills and to demonstrate their powers. It has been that way from the beginning. It has always been that way. Even the cross was God using a man, the man Christ Jesus to redeem is, though in the eternal part he was the Son of God by who God made the worlds. God needs us church, all of us.
.......In the saints we need hot believing believers. We need a MASSIVE wave of surrender, full devotions, consecrations, true sanctification, commitment, prayers, fastings, intercessions, the preaching of the gospel, and of the power of God in the land. Lets ask for it and do out part Church. The put together pudding of Satan that this generation loves and craves tells us that the time is short. This grace period maybe a short one in Gods scale of things but its importance is as important as all the Cross of Christ. The souls of children and of people are at eternal stake.....deno....share freely.