Saturday, January 17, 2015

Satans Trick Against Us......share freely....deno

Denos Testimonies from lessons I have learned. I pray this light and life's experience of mine blesses you all in Jesus Name. Amen.
.........Lesson Part...Darkness dominated the void before God said let there be light. Void and emptiness was there before the light of life filled the emptiness with the organized Universe. The disease was there first and then Jesus brought the healing. Their bellies were empty first and then Jesus fed the five thousand. The hunger and thirst was there first and then came the satisfaction. The net was first empty before Jesus caused the GREAT CATCH. The storm rose first and then Jesus caused the perfect calm.The people sat in darkness first and then to them came the great light of Christ. Jairus' little daughter was dead first before Jesus came and raised her from the dead. The blind mans eyes were in darkness first before he was given great sight. They took up stones to stone her first before Jesus caused every one of them to throw down the stone. The woman was guilty of adultery first before Jesus forgave her and remembered her sins no more. The tablets of stone came before the heart of flesh. Spiritual death came first before being born again came on the scene by Jesus Christ. Death came first before the resurrection. The first Adam was of the earth, the second Adam, Jesus, came down from heaven. Sin came first before Jesus purchased full pardon and forgiveness. Works of the law came first before the sweetness of grace (unmerited favor). Sin entered first before Christ took the problem of the sin of the world away. Paul was an enemy of Christ first before Jesus' light and love melted his heart and then Jesus became Paul's first love and best friend. We all were lost first before we by Jesus Christ became the found. We were all together guilty first before the the judge himself pardon us and set us free by the sacrifice of himself.
..........We could go on and on about the glory of Jesus Christ and how he is our great NEED PROVIDER AND PROBLEM FIXER. How he is all and everything we need. A Wonderful Savior, A Beautiful Lord and God. All he ask is that we believe Him (His Words). That we trust him and believe on His Name and love for us, praising him in the spirit of life and of holiness. That we, when we pray, we believe we receive and we shall also see more and more the Lord, our Savior, our Healer, our Redeemer, Our Provider, Our Problem Solvers glory do the work and perform the miracles and supply the provisions.
..........But we need to know and to remember this, this TRICK OF THE DEVIL. Just remember, a lot of times Satan makes our situations look, seem, appear, or even become a whole lot worse before Jesus' grace abounds in the situation and calms the raging seas going on in our life. Jesus said and told us that it is those whose faith endures and who believe unto the end, they are the ones saved and are the possessors.
.........This and these truths mentioned above are seen all thru the life of Jesus in the New Testament. So when you are believing God for something, when you are trusting the Lord, don't let Satan deceive you into fear and doubt. Even when doubt and negative thoughts seem to come against your faith and mind like weighty tons of the waves of the opposition from darkness, recall what we read today in this lesson and stand your ground on the Words of promise and resist the faith devourer. Many times in the bible things are a huge great big hopeless looking mess of problems before Jesus heals and mends and provides and fills the nets and the twelves baskets again to the full and overflowing measure.


............Now My Testimony in the light of this lesson.......Many years ago I had a problem, an issue, a great need dear to my heart and life. I needed like a miracle. I needed divine intervention. A friend who was also a preacher and a strong believer came to visit me. He knew my problem and my issue, my need. I had been praying with tears about this situation but seems to know real avail. This preacher said, Deno. I believe we are in the will of God about this so we can pray and believe God together. Come, lets go into the office and pray.
........Folks we entered that office room and he grabbed a hold of my hand and he began to pray. This preacher could pray. He was praising God and unraveling Satan all at the same time. He was loosing heaven and binding hell in Jesus Name and man i felt Gods presence and Spirit flowing in us, with us in power. Holding on to him I was like hanging on. Well eventually he ceased the prayer. To me it seemed like, by the manner that that preacher believed and prayed, it seem like we just left a battle zone.
..........Well I'm a younger man in those days and I was like, do I build this man of God a tablernacle, One for the Father, One for Jesus and one for him next to Jesus (lol). I mean I felt I was on holy ground in the presence of this praying preacher who just showed me strength and power in the Name of Lord. Well this preaching man right after he ceased praying stared me in the face and said these words. I will never ever forget them. He didn't shout the victory. He didn't do a holy ghost praise jig. He look at me sternly and said, Son you remember this. You must remember what I'm about to reveal and tell you. He said. IT IS GOING TO GET A WHOLE LOT WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER. But you will recover. The victory will be manifested. Just don't let Satan's trick cause you to lose faith and cause you to fear and doubt as to throw in the towel of your hope in God..
........Well things went just as that preaching, praying man told me. Things just kept getting worse and worse about that situation. I cried but I said Lord in my tears I will trust the Lord. What time I am afraid I will trust in the Lord...Then about the thirtieth day after the preachers prayer, the miracle happened. I mean in one day, when the day right before the great calm the storm of my issue peaked at an all time ferocious high and looks all hopeless, the very next day the healing and the mending came. God turned my situation around and that raging storm became a most beautiful calm.
...........I will never forget that believing preachers prayer, nor what he told me that day, and how it came to be just as he fore told me. I learned a valuable truth that hour in my life. We have to believe God for needs, for things, for deliverance's even when the devil is screaming and talking viciously back to us saying leave us alone, your situation is hopeless and beyond repair. It is in those intensified heated moments in the good fight of faiths battles that we often times are wrestling with the deceiver and the schemes and powers of darkness and it is according to what our hearts do under that weight that brings us victories or defeats. And yet Jesus in His compassion and mercy upon us, when Peter was losing faith and began to sink, Peter cried out in fear unto the Lord and said, Lord Save Me and Jesus loving Peter reached forth his hand and saved the sinking Peter...But Jesus said concerning these type of things, He said, When I return, will I find faith on the earth. God expects from us all faith, trust, and a loving believing heart........deno.....share freely.